milkpress by ModernMilk Co.


The milkpress by ModernMilk Co. is a filter and bottle system for making oat milk, almond milk, and other plant-based milks at home. It was designed to encourage regular daily use, eliminate cartons and plastic bottles from the waste stream, and start conversations about sustainability, all while maintaining aesthetic integrity. Making plant-based milk is traditionally a messy process requiring unsanitary hand contact with the liquid or other methods that produce gritty results. The milkpress solves these issues with ease of setup, ease of clean-up, filtering, compact storage, and pulp reuse. This plastic-free product enables a steady supply of delicious, smooth “milk” that tastes store-bought.

Designed by: Duncan Burns, Yuki Sugiyama and Jananda Hill of Type Inc. and HARIO for ModernMilk Co.

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