LG Dual Wing Ceiling Fan


Ceiling fans usually have a dead zone in the middle that is incapable of generating wind. The LG Dual Wing Ceiling Fan has solved this limitation by placing dual blades at the center that eliminate the dead angle, enabling the fan to provide more coverage than competing fans. The dual blades are transparent, which reduces the visual footprint of the fan. The seamless unibody design connecting the three main blades reduces wind loss and makes cleaning easier since the blades can be cleaned all at once. The “mosquito away” setting generates ultrasonic waves that drive mosquitoes away. This function is effective in reducing occurrence rates of diseases caused by mosquitoes, such as dengue fever in tropical and subtropical regions, which are increasing every year.

Designed by: Hosik Jang, Ilseop So, Seungho Baek, Seungdon Lee & Kangeui Cho of LG Electronics

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