Infinite Line Built-in Oven package



The Infinite Line offers a series of built-in ovens with a variety of cook features. The Dual Cook oven has independently controlled upper and lower cooking zones. Dual Cook Steam offers the option to choose between convection or steam cooking in the lower zone. Meanwhile, the Microwave Combi oven combines microwave technology with standard convection, delivering faster cooking results. The ovens can be stacked or arranged horizontally to create the most aesthetically pleasing kitchen grid for a given environment. They feature modern premium styling, including a new glass material called satin that is intended to beautifully offset matte-colored kitchen cabinetry.

Designed by: Hwanwoong Choi, Hyunsoo Kim, Bokyeong Lee, Hyojin Yoon and Taehyoung Cho of RELVĀOKELLERMANN for Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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