The 27ART10 represents a paradigm shift in how people watch TV by making the TV adapt to the user. The 27ART10 creates a smart environment that improves people’s quality of life through new form factors and a new user experience in accordance with the changing tastes and thinking of the younger generation. The compact size of the integrated 27ART10 TV and stand was optimized for watching at a closer distance. With the built-in battery and wheels, it can be freely moved about, letting users enjoy their content comfortably from any position—while lying on the bed, sitting on the sofa, exercising, cooking, or in any other position. The multi-hinge structure floats the freely moving screen in the air, allowing users to easily adjust the orientation between portrait and landscape mode. 

Designed by: Nari Lee, Woo Suk Park, and Sang Ik Lee of LG Electronics, Inc.

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