Home Furnishings

30=80 Folding screen

The 30=80 Folding screen was envisioned out of a desire to optimize a wood board. Through strategic cuts, the 30=80 nearly triples the area of a single piece of wood with a material loss close to zero. This stylish and lightweight screen maximizes wood’s pliability while offering a bit of sophistication.

Credits: Oswaldo Mellone and Mariana Quinelato (Brasil)

Contact: Oswaldo Mellone: contato@melloneassociados.com.br

Oreck Edge Vacuum Cleaning System

Most vacuum manufacturers stuff their products with every conceivable feature, making them heavy and prone to failure. The Oreck’s Edge System was designed for the way people want to clean, and to be perfect for the cleaning task at hand. The Oreck It consists of two vacuum cleaners: a lightweight upright for floors and a compact, handheld canister for stairs, furniture and walls.

Credits: Continuum Design Team for Oreck Inc.

Contact: Ed Milano: emilano@continuuminnovation.com 

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine

The Cloud Nine line of outdoor furniture intentionally sits slightly lower and closer to the ground than most outdoor furniture to enhance the user’s experience of feeling grounded. Its use of an elastomeric fabric tautly upholstered to the futuristically shaped aluminum frames heightens the sense of total comfort and relaxation as if floating on a cloud.

The Cloud Nine Collection from the new Richard Frinier Collection for Brown Jordan inspire the desire for a hurried world to slow things down and take the time to dream. For his encore collaboration with Brown Jordan, Richard Frinier asked, "What would happen if you had the time to be still and allowed your mind to drift . . . would it feel like you were on cloud nine?"  From this thoughtful question, the design emerged that he simply called Cloud Nine.

Conserve Gateway and Display

The Belkin Conserve Gateway and Display provide real-time insight and control over home energy use. Working together, they translate data from a utility-installed smart meter into an easy-to-understand format to allow consumers to better understand their energy use, make smarter decisions and change how they use energy.

Credits: Michael Wick, IDSA, Sarah Gallivan Mitchell, Thorben Neu, IDSA,  Ernesto Quinteros, IDSA, Oliver DuncanSeil, IDSA, Kazu Otani, David Choi and Aaron Sevier of Belkin

Contact: Mitchell Suckle: mitchells@belkin.com

Clauss® AirShoc Titanium™ Professional Lawn and Garden Tools

The Clauss AirShoc Titanium Professional Lawn and Garden tools were created to deliver the ultimate gardening experience. Using research findings from across the nation, the tool-line integrates many innovations that benefit the user as well as the plant, such as titanium-coated blades that are five times stronger and stay sharp longer.

Credits: ATOMdesign

Contact: Yani Deros: info@atomdesign.net

Keybrid - House Key

Keybrid is a real working key and key ring in one. This key blank can be bought and cut at local hardware stores or local lock shops to match your key and fit your lock. It was designed to link independently to other keys, key rings, key chains, belt loops and shoelaces. The key also clips to pants, shirts, bag edges and paper documents like a paper clip.

Credits: Scott Amron of Amron Experimental for Keybrid Inc.

Contact: Scott Amron: scott@AmronExperimental.com

Stanley Bostitch Ratcheting Adjustable Wrench

The Ratcheting Adjustable Wrench adds a new feature to a traditional adjustable wrench: a ratcheting mechanism built into the lower jaw of the tool. This feature allows the user to keep the tool on the fastener without lifting it off and repositioning it during tightening or loosening.

Credits: Steve Gerstein, IDSA of Stanley Black & Decker

Contact: Steve Gerstein: sgerstein@hotmail.com

Council 47

The 47 Table is equal parts end table and material experiment, a striking piece that juxtaposes a natural material and a bespoke industrial process. Named for its use of the 47th element on the periodic table, the table is composed of a silver surface that envelops a solid piece of reclaimed Douglas fir using a low-VOC process.

Credits: One & Co Design Team

Contact: Yujin Kawase: yujin@oneandco.com

Council Drake

The Drake chair takes the geometry of the basic cantilevered stacking chair and reverses it to create a bold yet approachable chair. A solitary loop of steel with a subtly curved seat is powder coated as a single piece, creating an exaggerated stance that is elegantly poised, stable and comfortable.

Credits: One & Co Design Team

Contact: Yujin Kawase: yujin@oneandco.com

"SXS Viking" Double Built-in Oven

Side-by-side refrigerators are common nowadays. So why not a side-by-side oven? The SXS Viking oven has a drawer on the left side and an oven on the right side, which both share one control panel. The interface was designed to identify both sides clearly in grouped function; first push the arrow icon, then you can operate the corresponding side.

Credits: Kim Jae Hoon, Zhe Zhang, Haiying Wang, Zongxu Zhou, Im Jung Hyun of Midea MWO Division (China)

Contact: Cao Qiu: caoqiu@midea.com.cn