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Virus Doctor by Samsung Electronics

The company's unique patented technology has resulted in the creation of this personal ion generator, which removes 99.9% of the SARS or H1N1 virus in the air. It covers a radius of 3m. An embedded battery in the lower part of the product enables the user to conveniently move the product to any location in the home for seven hours. It removes harmful bacteria, including bacteria that generate odor, in addition to viruses.

Contact: Sang Yeon Lee: sangyeon.lee@samsung.com

Credit: Sook young Park and Soo yong Jung of Samsung Electronics (South Korea)

Fuego Element

Element by Fuego is a new family of smart, outdoor products, and continues Fuego's explorations of the outdoor grill as social hub, in a new lower cost format geared for the mass consumer market. It extends the design language of the Fuego premise into a more mainstream line. While affordable, it includes a high-powered dual-zone cooking system and four cook top options. Features such as a swing-out wood prep-tray, stainless steel handles for tools and towels, and gas tank storage make it a refreshing alternative to the standard backyard grill. A selection of cast iron grilling surfaces is available, as are multiple colors and finishes in a clean profile and compact footprint.

"Finally! A beautiful, well designed and an affordable BBQ that comes out of the box almost ready to grill!"  --Davin Stowell, IDSA, Smart Design

Contact: Heather Wagenfeld: wagenfeld@ammunitiongroup.com

Credit: Robert Brunner and Martin Ruegg of Ammunition LLC, and Alex Siow of Fuego North America

LED Light Bulb

This long-life LED light bulb can last up to 19 years and generate 60 watts of light while using only 6 watts of energy.  It does not require changes to existing incandescent hardware, eliminating the need for additional equipment.  Aluminum-molding technology made it possible to achieve an easy-to-screw-in form for smaller bulbs, sustaining better heat dissipation in a dust-resistant body shape.

"As a timeless expression of design, the Edison light bulb is a tough act to follow; but this one is destined to become the new symbol for a 'great idea,' with its beautiful iconic form and state of the art, energy-wise technology."  --Davin Stowell, IDSA, Smart Design

Contact: Hiroshi Nohara: nohara.hiroshi@jp.panasonic.com

Credit: Panasonic Corporation (Japan)


This product is a heating humidifier combined with an air purifier.  Its design is well harmonized with its surroundings; aromatic scents and warmth provide the optimum environment for people. 

"This concept reaches back to Asian tradition in both use and materials. The result is a blend of homeware and home appliance that has achieved a quality that should not diminish over time."  --Mieko Kusano, IDSA, Sonos, Inc.

Contact: Dae-hoo Kim: hoo1120@coway.co.kr

Credit: Hun-jung Choi and Sung-wook Jung of Woongjin Coway Co. Ltd. (South Korea)




LED Mini Star

Boasting ultra-thinness and elegance, the LED Mini Star encases a replaceable LED module, providing pleasant, warm white light and an energy-saving lighting solution.

Contact: Ethan Lin: ethan@leiyueh.com

Credit: Yuan Lin and Chia-Chen Weng of Lei Yueh Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

Whirlpool Glamour Oven

The Whirlpool Glamour Oven offers minimal, pure design, using quality materials and impeccable constructive details.   A full-size book-opening door reveals a big cavity with five cooking levels, a new airflow distribution, 6TH SENSE, pyro technology and steam-assisted technology. Its touch-sensitive control panel has a 3.5" screen, and color graphic LCD display, integrated within a full-glass door.   When the oven is off, the screen is invisible. Turn the oven on, and intuitive and sophisticated graphics move on the display according to the program selected. Its powerful new convection and airflow distribution system eliminates the need to pre-heat the oven, saving up to 20% in energy consumption, and allows the cooking of up to 3 different dishes at the same time, without mixing any flavors or aromas.

Contact: Kevin Gilboe: kevin_gilboe@whirlpool.com

Credit: Global Consumer Design, Europe of Whirlpool Corporation (Italy)

OXO Tot Sprout Chair

The OXO Tot Sprout Chair is an extended-use chair that grows with a child, from 6 months to 5 years. The seat adjusts in height and depth, and the footrest is height adjustable. A depth-adjustable tray accommodates babies as they grow and can be removed so the chair can be pulled up to the table. For children over 3, the crotch post, tray and harness can be removed so kids can sit comfortably at the table.

Credits: Brook Kennedy, IDSA, Colin Kelly, Jonathan Cedar, Eric Freitag, Nick Oxley, and John Jacobsen of Smart Design and Karla theLosen and Troy Phipps of OXO

Contact: Mercedes Coats: mercedes.coats@smartdesignworldwide.com

Viola Park Kitchen System

The Viola Park Kitchen System is a modular kitchen system that is sold directly to consumers in a simple straightforward way. Viola Park’s unique online layout tool makes it possible for customers to easily create superior designs without the help of a designer or architect.

Credits: Scott Hudson, Virginie Remy and Dylan Davis of Henrybuilt Corp.

Contact: Lisa Day: lisa@henrybuilt.com


Ecookie grew out of observations of how many plastic coffee spoons are used in offices each day. The spoons are used to stir one cup of coffee and then discarded. The Ecookie prevents such waste. It is a cookie in the shape of a spoon: use it to stir your coffee and then dispose of it by eating it.

Credits: Rodrigo Maia & Victor Lopes Mascarenhas (Brasil)

Contacts: Victor Lopes: victorlopesm@gmail.com

Heath Crease

Crease is a three-dimensional tile that is made up of two styles, one concave and one convex, that can be arranged in multiple ways to create a variety of patterns. Inspired by the company’s original Dimensional Collection from the 1960s, Crease fuses simple crisp lines, geometric forms and lustrous glazes to create a modern, yet well-crafted feel resulting in a sophisticated interplay of light and shadow.

Credits: One & Co design team

Contact: Yujin Kwase: yujin@oneandco.com