Home Furnishings

Skybar™ Wine Chill Drops

This handy device is a coolant-filled object used to chill a single glass of wine up to 20 times faster than the refrigerator.

Contact: Henrik Holbaek: email@toolsdesign.dk

Credit: Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbaek of Tools Design (Denmark) for Skybar (tm) by Jarden Consumer Solutions

Jenn-Air 30” Double Wall Oven with V2™ Vertical Dual-Fan Convection System

The new Double Wall Oven from Jenn-Air is verifiably the industry's best-performing wall oven, featuring the innovative V2 Dual Fan Convection System. Furthermore, it tackles the most demanding recipes thanks to a highly interactive Culinary Center interface, presented on a full-color, seven-inch touch display.

Contact: Steve Brown: steve_brown@whirlpool.com; Patrick Schiavone: patrick_j_schiavone@whirlpool.com

Credit: Jenn-Air Brand Studio of Whirlpool Corporation  for Jenn-Air Brand, Whirlpool Corporation

GROHE Rainshower Collection

The collection consists of three shower heads which have been tailored for slightly different consumer segments--Icon targets style, Eco targets efficiency and Solo targets experience.  We have integrated an eco button on every product, enabling the user to reduce water consumption by up to 40%.

Contact: Paul Flowers: sylvia.kroenke@grohe.com

Credit: GROHE In-House Design Team (Germany)


Our aim was to create a dishrack that was extremely functional yet sculptural. High&dry folds out from a flat and neat storage solution. The subtle wave of spikes creates a stunning visual wall, but more importantly a functional area to hold even your largest wine glasses or most delicate champagne flutes. By raising the glasses up, we have been able to make the dishrack more compact than other dishracks.  The design includes an optional drainage tray which has an ingenious flip-up spout so that you can choose to drain or not, depending on your kitchen setup. The tray is designed so that the water completely drains out when the spout is down so that you never have any stagnant water left in the tray.

Contact: Dan Black: dan@black-blum.com

Credit: Dan Black and Martin Blum of black+blum Ltd (United Kingdom) 


A steam shower is the perfect oasis for wellness at home. But the body+soul is much more than just a steam shower. With additional features such as aroma function, music or colored-light moods, body+soul becomes your personal five-star wellness temple! body+soul succeeds as probably no other in dissolving the boundaries between living room and bath. All possibilities are open to your creativity.

Contact: Rudolf Greger: greger@gp.co.at

Credit: Christoph Pauschitz and Christian Rukower of GP designpartners gmbh (Austria) for Artweger GmbH & Co. KG (Austria)

Yubo Lunchbox

Yubo is a "modular lunchbox system" designed to give users more functionality, flexibility, freedom and fun. It is customizable, with faceplate graphic panels that drop into a recess in the front and back lids. Users can choose from over 100 faceplate sets or upload personal photos or artwork for printing and sizing.  Yubo is organized with three food containers (small, medium and large) that are designed on a 2 x 2 grid so one can arrange them in a choice of 9 different configurations depending on the type or size of one's meal. No more loose food items because every container combination fits snuggly in the main box.

Contact: Sam Vaughan: samv@whipsawinc.com

Credit: Dan Harden and Sam Benavidez of Whipsaw Inc.and Paul and Cyndi Pedrazzi of Kinsco LLC.

Bosch AutoChef™ Induction Cooktop

Bosch Home Appliances is bringing an end to imperfect pancakes, runny eggs, fried foods that are burnt on the outside and raw in the center, and skillets that are charred beyond repair. These problems stem from the guesswork it takes to heat a pan to the right temperature and keep it at that temperature during cooking. The solution is a patented, exclusive, industry first for Bosch: AutoChef™ sensor cooking. AutoChef, featured exclusively on Bosch 800 Series induction and electric cooktops, works with a premium aluminum core pan that is included free with the cooktop. Its innovative sensor measures the temperature from the bottom of the pan and applies only the perfect amount of energy to the element in order to deliver precise cooking results without wasting energy. The cooktop heats to the desired temperature and makes an audible sound when it's time to place the food in the pan.

Contact: Graham Sadtler: graham.sadtler@bshg.com

Credit; Robert Sachon, Graham Sadtler, IDSA, Ulrich Goss, Florian Metz of BSH Home Appliances Corporation (Germany)

Laundry POD Concept

The Laundry POD is a portable, hand-powered laundry machine that saves water and energy. Combining innovative agitation technology with a unique water-reduction system to wash and spin dry laundry, it has value for developed as well as emerging markets. Small enough to fit under the sink, the Laundry POD is ideal for delicates, hand-washables or small loads not worth the trip to the laundromat. Ideal for urban dwellers, RVers and the eco-conscious, the Laundry POD is a quick, efficient way to wash small loads quickly.

Contact: chelsea@rksdesign.com

Credit: Design Team of RKS

Linna Armchair

The Linna Armchair design revisits historical elements like avant-garde and memory to create a timeless product. The chair is made of solid wood with multilaminated shells in the seat and back allowing for a variety of forms.  The design is highlighted by features such as elegance, consistency and theme, whereby the material is in harmony with the human body.

Contact: Jader Almeida: eddas@eddas.com.br

Credit: Jader Almeida of eddas design&architecture (Brasil)

Easylock Handle (Maçaneta Easy Lock)

This innovative handle for folding doors provides a different solution from what is usually available on the market, where you use both hands to close the door and often end up damaging the fragile knob.  With the Easylock handle you use the same hand to fold and close the door. Featuring a clean design, its on-off button shape suggests technological elements, bringing added value to the brand’s folding doors.

Contact: Leonardo Massarelli: nodesign@nodesign.com.br

Credit: Nódesign (Brasil) for Araforros