Home Furnishings

Grip Rake

The Grip Rake makes picking up raked leaves, grass and other debris easy. The large built-in handle on the face of the rake's head can be comfortably and securely held while bending down to transfer the leaves into a bag or onto a tarp.

Contact: Scott Henderson, IDSA: scott@scotthendersoninc.com Credit: Scott Henderson, IDSA of Scott Henderson Inc. Client: Casabella

Eva Solo Grating Bucket

The Eva Solo Grating Bucket turns the traditional handheld grater upside down. Everything you grate is captured in the grating bucket, preventing grated cheese and vegetables from being strewn all over the kitchen counter.

Contact: Majken Holmsteen: mho@evadenmark.com Credit: Henrik Holbæk and Claus Jensen of Tools Design (Denmark) Client: Eva Denmark A/S (Denmark)

Craftsman NEXTEC™ 12 Volt Lithium-Ion HAMMERHEAD™ Auto-Hammer

The Craftsman NEXTEC™ HAMMERHEAD™ Auto-Hammer is designed for do-it-yourselfers and contractors. It eliminates the traditional swinging motions required to drive nails, preventing potential miss-hits and consequential injuries. Its compact, lightweight design with retractable magnetic sleeve allows for use in tight spaces or overhead. It is powered by a 12-volt lithium-ion battery, eliminating the need for a compressor, hose, fuel cell or oil.

Contact: David Allan: dallan@chervon-na.com Credit: Guillaume Keller, Mack Fukinuki and Chervon Global Design Team Client: Sears Holdings Corporation

OXO Good Grips Hand Pruners and Hedge Shears

The OXO Good Grips Hand Pruners and Hedge Shears were designed to minimize strain and increase precision when caring for plants. Both tools are comfortable, balanced and weighted for control and accuracy and have high-quality cutting ability. Most importantly, they allow those with less strength or smaller hands to operate the tools with ease and reduced strain.

Contact: Mercedes Coats: mercedes.coats@smartdesignworldwide.com Credit: Agnete Enga, IDSA, Anthony DiBitonto, Anton Ljunggren, Dan Formosa, Diane Lee, Jonathan Cedar and Peter Michaelian for Smart Design, and OXO International Client: OXO International

I Miss My Pencil, home design concepts

I Miss My Pencil is a book containing 12 design experiments developed by an industrial designer and a material scientist. Materials are the starting point for each design exploration, and the objects created each have a story to tell. For instance, SMELLBELL asks: What if a doorbell could create a connection between scent and memory? TRADEMARK explores: How could we connect traditional Chinese craft with modern audio speaker design?

"Stunning work. The richest conceptual industrial design work I have seen for some time, propelled by the idea of materials over form."

--John Barratt, IDSA, president and CEO, Teague Contact: Katie Clark: kclark@ideo.com Credit: IDEO Client: IDEO

Dual-cooking Oven (BTS1)

The BTS1 electric oven provides the functionality of two ovens in the space of one. The divider (composed of two steel plates with a layer of air in between) means that users can cook one large dish and a small dish in a small space or two different dishes at the same time. The divider plate blocks the flow of heat and smells between the two cooking spaces.

"This entry falls in the 'why didn't someone think of this before?' category. It's a terrific insight--the versatility of a double oven in one oven, executed brilliantly."

--Claudia Kotchka, Affiliate IDSA, vice president, design innovation and strategy, Procter & Gamble

Contact: Sang-yeon Lee, IDSA: sangyeon.lee@samsung.com Credit: Kang-Doo Kim, Joo-Hee Lee, Seon-Ju Lee, Chan-Young Lee and Ji-Young Shin of Samsung Electronics (South Korea) Client:

OXO Steel CorkPull

The OXO Steel CorkPull takes an ordinary wine opener and elevates it to an elegant product for the kitchen or bar area. The product was designed for a wide variety of users who want to easily de-cork wine bottles without strain or complex action. Compact enough to tuck in a drawer but stylish enough to stand on display atop a table or bar, the CorkPull has a unique, one-direction twisting action that easily pulls corks out. Its other features (a foil cutter, open access on the sides, OXO's signature soft, comfortable grip) also help to establish a new standard in functionality, style and ease-of-use.

Contact: Mercedes Coats: mercedes.coats@smartdesignworldwide.com

Credit: Przemeslaw Godycki, Peter Michaelian, Mark Prommel and Eric Freitag of Smart Design; and Michelle Sohn and Conor McNamara of OXO

Demoiselle Dinner Table (Mesa Demoiselle)

This is a six-seater dinner table made entirely of bamboo multilaminated boards. Geared to the high end market, the table is visually light with a well-engineered structural solution. The inspiration for the table’s design comes from wings of aircraft from the 1930s or earlier. Made with extreme precision, this table when ready actually resembles a piece sculpted out of bamboo.

Contact: Bernardo Foggiato: bernardo@oggi-br.com.br

Credit: Paulo Foggiato of Oré Brasil (Brasil)

The Simple Garden

The Simple Garden System provides the easiest way to help consumers get started with gardening. It combines the principles of high density gardening with a contemporary designed modular planter, creating a product that's perfect for indoor and outdoor environments. Developed as a kit, the Simple Garden comes complete with a special blend of organic sustainable planting medium, seed packets, a planting template, a planting stick and a starter guide.

Contact: Michael Horito: michael@rocketshipdesign.com

Credit: Michael Horito, IDSA, John R. Omdahl, Lee Croy, John Wadley, Nan P. Bates and Marvin Page of Rocketship, Inc., and Dave Morton of Fertile Earth for Simple Garden

Viking® Designer™ Series (Kitchen Appliance Product Line)

This comprehensive major kitchen appliance product line was developed by an ultra-premium appliance manufacturer best known for professional styled products.  It is designed for the residential consumer as a more contemporary option in terms of style and function in comparison with its historical product line.  This product line will contain products at lower price points, making it attainable by a broader market.

Contact: Brent Bailey: bbailey@vikingrange.com

Credit: Brent Bailey, IDSA, Matt Ortner, Ray Nilssen, Jon Rayeski, Anjuli Bedekar and Todd Goss of Viking Design for Viking Range Corp.