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The six-piece Creemy Tea & Coffee set re-imagines the traditional tea service with a futuristic silhouette, contrasting straight tubular handles with soft curves. The combination of delicate details with strong forms makes Creemy a visually striking collection that also creates a unique tactile experience. But, in addition to having exceptional aesthetic qualities, the set is also very functional and ergonomic.

Credits: Karim Rashid of Karim Rashid Inc.
Client: Gaia & Gino
Contact: Katie Blocher: office@karimrashid.com


Farallon Chair

Farallon is a simple, elegant piece of furniture that offers additional functionality specifically addressing the needs of a contemporary lifestyle. A dining chair and side chair that contains hidden storage spaces and pockets, Farallon simplifies the clutter of technology, creating new surfaces for changing needs. The simple, clever design brings a sense of adaptability to seating through functions created directly from its continuous fabric seat.

Credits: Yves Béhar, IDSA and Naoya Edahiro of fuseproject
Client: Danese
Contact: press@fuseproject.com


Centerbrook Slapstick Table

A modern take on a classic farm table, this piece is animated by dynamic criss-crossing leg braces. It is more visually complex than it initially appears; the braces are attached flat to the square legs, which are turned at angles away from the edges of the top. The braces thus spiral around each other, attaching at beam-midpoints below the top. Different views display the changing relationships between the elements. The solid lumber top is 1.5 inches thick. This allows the top to cantilever without an apron or cross braces and also means the table can accommodate a variety of chairs. Though the table is beautifully crafted, the braces seem to be slapped onto the legs, with exposed square ends. This offers a modern play on rusticity.

Credits: Mark Simon, Edward J. Keagle, Peter Cornell of Centerbrook Architects and Planners
Client: Curran & Company and Caperton Furniture Works


Adiri Natural Nurser Baby Bottle

The Adiri Natural Nurser is a soft, simple and safe improvement on the baby bottle. This bottle contains neither BPA nor phthalate and combines the appearance of a natural breast-like shape with a very soft feel. Composed of two parts and a protective cover, the Adiri Natural Nurser has a wide bottle opening that makes it easy to fill and clean. The cap contains an integrated petal vent so the bottle itself can breathe, reducing bubbles that may cause colic.

Credits: Dan Harden, IDSA and Rob Strickler of Whipsaw Inc.
Client: Adiri Inc.
Contact: Sam Vaughn & Dan Harden: dan@whipsawinc.com


David Rockwell for Maya Romanoff Collection

The first David Rockwell for Maya Romanoff Collection has emerged from a collaborative exploration of theater set design, painting techniques and natural materials. Stitched Inspired, by Weathered Walls highlights the beauty of craftsmanship and the traditional art of paper-making. Hand-dyed paper that resembles fine lacquered leather forms the backdrop for rows of stitching, resulting in a stunning covering that is rich in dimension, both visual and textural. It is offered in 30" x 9' rolls, in ten different colors and three patterns of stitching.

"Who doesn't love felt? It is the textile that makes everyone smile. These subtle textures created by the connection of craft and mass manufacturing capture the senses and change the sense of place."

Cameron Campbell-Wilkins, Lead Design Strategist, Workshop Collective, BillingsJackson Design

Contact: Sheela Pawar: spawar@rockwellgroup.com

Credit: Rockwell Group

Twine Line

Twin Line is a combination of faucet and filter which allows the same water source to be used for two distinct purposes. The two water outlets have hinged fittings. By turning the lever to one side, the faucet is turned on while the filter is activated by displacing the lever to the opposite side. The water is filtered through an innovative carbon block system which reduces chlorine taste and odors and removes particulate matter.

Contact: Ana Lucia de Lima Pontes Orlovitz: ana.orlovitz@deca.com.br Credit: Ana Lúcia de Lima Pontes Orlovitz and Luiz Moquiuti Morales of DURATEX S.A. (Brazil) Client: DURATEX S.A. (Brazil)


In places with acute water shortage, storing and rationing water is the norm. But space constraints often limit how much water people can store. Stacket, a square bucket that stacks, is almost 18% more space efficient as compared to the conventional circular bucket. This vertical storage solution gives families an affordable yet beautiful solution to enhance their daily life, and is geared to consumers in India who have small bathroom space. The Stacket is primarily designed for water storage but has other uses around the home.

Contact: Jashish Kambli: siddharth_kambe@hotmail.com Credit: Jashish Kambli and Vijay Kumar of Futuring Design Pvt. Ltd. (India) Client:

Ridgid® SMARTCART™ Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The SMARTCART™ Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner provides unique storage solutions. For example, accessory nozzles and the hose are housed in drawers while the power cord and extension wands are stowed on the back. Cleaning supplies, spray bottles and wipes can be placed in the pull-out bin. A slide-out drum makes cleaning the filter simple and easy.

Contact: Shane Glasgow, IDSA: shane.glasgow@emerson.com Credit: Mark Tomasiak, Shane Glasgow, IDSA, Derek Whipple and Mike Topham of Emerson Tool Company, and Kiyoshi Hoshino of Broan-NuTone Client:

Quará Hanger

This hanger prevents laundered clothes from sliding down the clothes line, providing space optimization while avoiding hanger marks. It ensures adequate drying of all kinds of garments and reduces ironing time.

Contact: giovanna@nodesign.com.br Credit: Marcos Thomas of Nó Design (Brazil) Client: PPAP-PolyPlay Artigos Plásticos Ltda (Brazil)


Karbon is an articulating kitchen faucet with an integrated spray nozzle. It can be fully extended to fill large pots, lowered into the sink for food preparation and cleanup, compactly folded and placed out of the way when not in use, or positioned anywhere in between.

Contact: Niels Eilmus, IDSA: niels.elmus@kohler.com Credit: Niels J. Eilmus, IDSA and Perry Erickson of Kohler Co. Client: