LED Clear Bulb


The LED Clear Bulb is the first to recreate the mood, quality and look of an incandescent bulb. The LED light source resembles a filament that can effectively disperse light in all directions. Since it has the same dimensions as an incandescent, the LED Clear Bulb can be used seamlessly with any light fixture that uses an incandescent. It offers both a rated lifespan of 40,000 hours and excellent energy-saving performance—a superior alternative to an incandescent bulb.

The incandescent bulb was originally created to emulate the comforting soft-warm glow of a candle light. Many people resist switching to LEDs because they do not want to give up this warm glow and the look of an incandescent. The LED Clear Bulb addresses these needs and bridges the psychological gap, making the transition easy and seamless.

Conventional LED bulbs disperse light directionally, unlike an incandescent bulb, which disperses light in all directions creating a warm glow. They also have a bulky and unsightly heat sink and functional components. The challenges were to design an LED light source and components to disperse light in all directions and to eliminate the heat sink and make compact components that fit the overall shape and dimension of an incandescent bulb.

The design team created a clear LED bulb that re-creates the look, function and quality of an incandescent bulb. The LED light source in the LED Clear Bulb resembles the filament found in an incandescent bulb. The filament is mounted on an aluminum die-cast rod that dissipates heat, eliminating the need for a bulky heat sink.

This LED Clear Bulb will help increase the adoption of LED bulbs. It enables a seamless transition from an incandescent to an LED because it offers a familiar size, shape and soft warm glow found in incandescent bulbs and that fits in existing light fixtures. Just as Edison strove to re-create candle light with an incandescent bulb, Panasonic has re-created the incandescent bulb with an energy-efficient clear-glass LED bulb.

Credit: Panasonic Corporation: Nobuyuki Mase and Haruhiko Uneo
Contact: Amy Dunkle: amy.dunkle@us.panasonic.com