Centerbrook Slapstick Table


A modern take on a classic farm table, this piece is animated by dynamic criss-crossing leg braces. It is more visually complex than it initially appears; the braces are attached flat to the square legs, which are turned at angles away from the edges of the top. The braces thus spiral around each other, attaching at beam-midpoints below the top. Different views display the changing relationships between the elements. The solid lumber top is 1.5 inches thick. This allows the top to cantilever without an apron or cross braces and also means the table can accommodate a variety of chairs. Though the table is beautifully crafted, the braces seem to be slapped onto the legs, with exposed square ends. This offers a modern play on rusticity.

Credits: Mark Simon, Edward J. Keagle, Peter Cornell of Centerbrook Architects and Planners
Client: Curran & Company and Caperton Furniture Works