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TI Air Purifier

The T1 Air Purifier can remove effectively, harmful fumes generated by burning cigarettes and other harmful substances indoors—such as formaldehyde, benzene and toluene, as well as remove PM2.5 efficiently. This air purifier is designed mainly for offices, but also can used in the car. It can be turned on and off easily.

Designed by: Huang Jianguo, Hu Wenwei, Chen Paula,Yang Qiao and Zhu Zhengfeng of Hangzhou TiHE smart elctric Co., Ltd

Contact: 375228609@qq.com

Roll-Di: Roll Screen Curtain Direction Indicator

Roll-Di is a direction indicator for roll screen curtain users. Many people get confused with which string of the curtain to pull, in order to make the curtain go up or down. As a result, people frequently make the mistake of pulling the wrong string. Roll-Di was designed to prevent those repetitive mistakes. Roll-Di can be simply hung at the bottom of the string and tells which side of the string to pull to achieve the desired position of the curtain. Roll-Di is composed of “up” and “down” arrows. By matching the “up” arrow with the string that makes the curtain go up, and attaching the two parts of Roll-Di with the embedded magnets, users will not be confused.

Designed by: Sangmin Bae, Jong-uk Im, Kyung-yun Lee, Ju-hyeong Park and Su-bin Choi of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

Contact: smbae@kaist.ac.kr

Digital Door Lock 510 Series

This product is a door lock device that is installed on the entrances to offices and homes, and a differentiated security product because the various forms of use and the various installation environments were considered. It offers safe and easy access with an assorted means of digital entry authorizations including the touch type password entry and RFID authentication through a credit card or mobile phone in addition to conventional keys. While away, users can remotely control entry access with their smart phones or PCs, and if necessary, users can view a visitor’s image and video, via interlocking outside cameras. The product can be installed on most doors with easy to find tools in most countries, and it is designed to be durable beyond the international security and safety specifications.

Designed by: Jaehoon Kim, Jeonghoon Ha, Sooyeon Chung and Hyewon Suh of Samsung SDS Co.,Ltd., Intelligent Home Design

Contact: soo.chung@samsung.com


LOOM+ Woven Design Flooring

LOOM+ has the aesthetic appeal and texture of carpeting with remarkable durability and practicality. Its innovative, woven flooring solution combines a certified, non-toxic PVC fabric and adhesive-free, loose-lay system. Its NOX Ecotecture® Multi-layer property—proven in more than 50 countries—ensures the most stable and durable installation. The PVC fabric—certified by Oeko-Tex and Greenguard—provides the clean and safe floor. LOOM+ is designed for mix and match with a wide choice of colors and patterns, as well as two module types (50 x 50 cm; 50 x 100 cm)—setting no limits on creativity and design.

Designed by: Hyun-Wook Lee for NOX Corp.

Contact: sykim@noxprime.com

Cordless Canister Vacuum Cleaner (CordZero C5)

The CordZero C5 is a canister vacuum cleaner that has applied auto-moving technology and wireless cleaning technology for the first time. Instead of dragging a heavy cleaner, this vacuum follows the user. It also has the added benefit of being wireless, providing an excellent user experience. The STS blade in the dust canister has an automatic dust compression feature that can store three times more dust compared to existing units. The canister cleaner is integrated with a smart inverter motor that has a 10-year warranty. It also has a luxurious metallic finish on the handle and wheels.

Designed by: Sehwan Bae, Bohyun Nam, Seunghyun Song and Sojin Park for LG Electronics Inc.

Contact: Gihyeon.Lee@lge.com

Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush

The Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush was designed to offer a complete and gentle solution for facial cleansing. Working with dermatologists and Swiss brush engineers, key features include a unique, patented, egg-shaped brush head to better clean the areas around the eyes and nose, and a sonic motor that sends vibrations directly through the bristles for the most gentle form of cleansing.

Designed by: Ted Owen, Jessica Woo, Jenny Wong, Lois Cecere and Rich LaPosta of Clinique Labs

Contact: tedowen@gmail.com

Living Square Washbasin with SaphirKeramik

Living Square is a bathroom furniture collection comprised of ceramic washbasins manufactured with LAUFEN’s patent-pending SaphirKeramik—a unique material perfected after five years of intensive research and development that offers a groundbreaking alternative to traditional ceramics and expands the possibilities of ceramic design and production. Strong and malleable, SaphirKeramik permits the creation of wafer-thin yet robust walls and tight-edge radii of just 1 to 2mm, while state-of-the-art technology values are currently a minimum of 7–8 mm. Its slender profile renders it space saving, lightweight and environmentally friendly. SaphirKeramik derives its exceptional hardness and strength from its component corundum, (AI2O3), a colorless mineral found in eponymous sapphires. Rigorous testing has revealed that its flexural strength is equal to that of steel. The mineral added to the ceramic mix is also used in the watch industry as sapphire glass dials. Its hardness is surpassed only by that of diamonds.

Designed by: Andreas Dimitriadis of platinumdesign for LAUFEN

Contact: ldolnick@frankadvertisingus.com

Water Heater

The Water Heater has a compact design and a friendly product language. The pairing with its large radius nestles close to the two inner water tanks, which can be heated separately and used to enjoy constantly hot water. The oval-shaped operating unit with its characteristic framework contains a digital display. The logically designed user interface can be controlled by touch function.

Designed by: Jianping Li, Hao Xiong, Xiaodeng Xia, Lang Ouyang and Shishi Chen for Midea

Contact: lang@kkdesign.cn

Venus Razor

Improved with greater utility and a better release of the disposable head, the Gillette Venus refillable razor is designed for women's bodies and for the way women shave. The product features an ergonomically designed handle, a unique oval cartridge, and an organizer that stores the razor and individually sealed waterproof blade refills in the shower.

Contact: Jill Shurtleff, IDSA,
The Gillette Co.,

Credit: The Gillette Co.

OXO Good Grips Suction Cup Bathroom Accessories

Client: OXO International

Well-integrated design and better built than existing products, the OXO Suction Cup Bathroom Accessories solves storage and organizational problems in a very useful way. The products install instantly when pressed firmly against a smooth surface. The initial product line-made in a variety of colors and a pliable material-includes a large and small soap dish, a corner shelf, light and heavy duty hooks, an adjustable fogless mirror and accessories for holding razors, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

"OXO continues to lead the market with their unique insight into everyday objects. Here they focus on a product line done by many before and made it really work. The suction cups really hold, the forms are fun, well integrated and easy to clean. This line will knock out the competition." — Betsy Goodrich, IDSA

Contact: Jinny Kim,
Smart Design,

Credit: Smart Design