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Casper Pillow

Casper made its mark globally with universally comfortable mattresses—taking the guesswork out of shopping. Now, answering popular demand, Casper has redesigned the pillow from the fluff up by creating one perfect pillow suitable for all positions, with a balance of squish and support. The unique pillow-in-a-pillow design offers a supportive inner core, while the soft outer pillow gives sleepers just enough fluff. Innovative fibers allow for air to move freely, ensuring a cool night’s sleep. Designed with utility in mind, the pillow is machine washable and dryable.

Designed by: Jeff Chapin, Carly Price and Brit Kleinman of Casper

Contact: Jeannine C. Seidl

BISSELL Bolt Cordless Lightweight Vacuum

The BISSELL Bolt Cordless Lightweight Vacuum features a removable hand vacuum and a two-way folding handle for effortlessly cleaning underneath surfaces and storing it in limited spaces. Powerful suction is delivered to the edges to capture dirt and debris from inaccessible corners. And the LED edge light doesn't leave any chance that dirt is hiding in the dark.

Designed by: BISSELL Design Team TEAMS Design Team

Contact: mike.luyckx@bissell.com


The design team spent much effort on the C3-150 bidet toilet seat to improve the toilet experience. It was designed with a 20 degree incline at the back and a 14 degree decline at the front to aid elimination. The angle of the control panel keeps it out of the way of people’s thighs, and it uses electrolyzed water for safe, hygienic washing.

Designed by: KOHLER Shanghai Design Studio - Electronics Team

Contact: river.cheng@kohler.com.cn


EVA delivers a better toilet experience. The embedded water filtration ensures the user always has pure water for cleaning and washing. The air care module kills the bacteria inside the bowl and deodorizes the bathroom. Stepping on the foot sensor immediately opens or closes the seat, and one press of the button cleans the toilet.

Designed by: KOHLER Shanghai Design Studio - Electronics Team

Contact: river.cheng@kohler.com.cn


The 3Dboard-windmill is an interior wall decoration made from bamboo and cane. It is installed by gluing it to the wall surface. The textured surface, which is suitable for both public and private spaces, can be painted, allowing interior designers and homeowners to customize the 3Dboard-windmill to match the décor.

Designed by: Mr. Ma yue, Mr. Li jianyu

Contact: bj3dboard@163.com

LG Front-Loading Washer, Dryer & Pedestal Compact Washer

The user experience design of the LG 27” front-loading washer provides remarkable convenience with stylish and ergonomic design. The raised and tilted door allows easy loading of laundry and a view of the drum without the user having to bend over. The console embedded in the door is also tilted and reduces any wrist strain. The detergent dispenser on top has a wider opening. To meet the market demand for both large and small capacity, a compact washer was added to the main pedestal; the main and compact washers can be used simultaneously or separately to save time and energy. They also can be installed in various ways depending on space.

Designed by: Jeaseok Seong, Wookjun Chung, Jonghee Han and Yeji Um of LG Electronics Inc.

Contact: Gihyeon.Lee@lge.com


It’s grabbing headlines worldwide. Casper is a sleep startup that launched with an outrageously comfortable mattress sold directly to consumers—eliminating commission-driven, inflated prices. The critically acclaimed sleep surface was developed in-house by a team of industrial designers and engineers with experience from IDEO and NASA and delivered right to homes in a small box. Casper offers a single mattress design developed to provide comfort for all sleepers, thus eliminating the overwhelming choice and buyer’s remorse that often accompanies the mattress shopping experience.

Designed by: Gen Suzuki, Neil Parikh and Jeff Chapin of Casper

Contact: jeannine@casper.com

WeMo Insight

The WeMo Insight is a simple but sophisticated plug-and-play approach to making lights, fans, heaters, TVs or any other device a smartly connected device. Simply plug it into a power outlet, connect a device and access the device from anywhere in the world through your smart phone and tablet. It literally puts home at your fingertips. Users can switch devices on or off; set a schedule; check energy usage and ask devices for notification that a task is done—“Hi, it’s your washer. The laundry is done!” or “Hi, It’s your TV. I have been on for the last two hours. Someone must not be doing their homework!”

Designed by: Thorben Neu, Ernesto Quinteros, IDSA, Oliver Seil, IDSA, David Kleeman and Vince Razo for Belkin International

Contact: mitchells@belkin.com

Studio Gorm Shell Desk

Studio Gorm’s Shell Desk is designed to accommodate tech devices discretely while providing an elegant and efficient piece of furniture. The design intelligently combines two materials—wood and thermoformed plastic.  All of the components are designed to interlock securely.  The entire assembly is held together with only four Allen screws. The Shell Desk can be flat packed for shipping and is easily disassembled and reassembled for moving.

Designed by: Wonhee Jeong Arndt and John Arndt of Studio Gorm for Habitat

Contact: mail@studiogorm.com

AZ7000 Cool Presso Portable Air Cooler

Samsung calls it the world’s first, compact, portable air cooler. The AZ700 Cool Presso can be used easily and conveniently—any time, anywhere. It is lightweight and easy to move. Users can enjoy pleasant, cool air without the need of an outdoor unit or worrying about a high electric bill. The electricity cost of this portable cooler is as low as the equivalent of two electric fans. Its other functions are dehumidification and the Virus Doctor solution for a virus-free, clean atmosphere.

Designed by: Sunny Shin and Jinsun Park for Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Contact: bowen.park@samsung.com