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Little Bishop Pendant Light Hook

Little Bishop Pendant Light Hooks are designed specifically for drop pendant lights. Skillfully shaped and cast by hand, the lighting cable is guided to "cloak" Little Bishop with no knot, and a seamless hang from the ceiling defines its form and function. Little Bishop is a two-piece product with a post and a hook joined by a custom screw fitting that allows for the hook section to be positioned at any angle relative to the direction of the cable coming from the ceiling rose. Three lengths are easy to install or retrofit.

Designed by: Antony Richards and Dominique Hunter of Hunter & Richards for Contactualism PL

Contact: Antony Richards

LED Vintage Style Bulb Collection

Target’s LED Vintage Style Bulb Collection is the first, decorative filament style, LED line sold at mass market—and designed to look like a real decorative filament incandescent bulb in aesthetics and light output. The LED technology makes them longer lasting, more durable and energy efficient. There are many general purpose LED bulbs out there—but this collection is the first at mass to offer decorative vintage style, aesthetics and function.

Designed by: Kent Katterheinrich and Feit Electric of the Target Corporation Product Design and Development Team

Contact: James A. Wilson

JUSTIME YES Basin Faucets

YES Basin Faucets are attractive; easy to use; made of recyclable brass; and save time and water. The front-end handle adjusts the rate of water flow; the back-end handle controls temperature. YES faucets also are easy to clean and have a check valve structure, increasing safety.

Designed by: JUSTIME Team of Shengtai Brassware

Contact: Huang C. Tsao

AP-1516D Air Purifier

The AP-1516D is an air purifier with a circulator function that purifies spaces more quickly and has reinforced expulsion features compared to existing products. Existing products only expel air upward, but the AP-1516A can blow breezes up to 10 m through a front circular hole, and breeze from the front and top can be set separately or together to improve air circulation as necessary.

Designed by: Coway Design Lab

Contact: So-Yeon Lee

3D Printed Residential Faucets

American Standard’s new 3D printed residential faucets are making a splash. Vibrato and Troupe use the incredibly durable strength of stainless steel in 3D printing to support the fine structures of concealed waterways that converge into one piece, delivering a strong stream of water.  Vibrato serves as a striking focal point in contemporary luxury settings. The waterways of Trope are separated into four slender sections, creating classic design lines and elegance through symmetry. In Shadowbrook, water appears as a stream bouncing on rocks in a riverbed. 19 waterways are the result of computational fluid dynamic (CFD) technology.

Designed by: Joe Ientile, Jean-Jacques L’Henaff, Gabriela Ravassa, IDSA, Greg Reinecker and Sara Salahi of DXV by American Standard

Contact: Nora DePalma

Threshold Performance Sheet

Target’s Threshold Performance bed sheet provides the ultimate fit and performance backed by a patent-pending, additional row of 1” elastic—sewn horizontally to each corner and full perimeter ¾” elastic so it doesn’t untuck easily. Even making the bed is easier—thanks to placement labels on the sheet—identifying the sides, top and bottom to eliminate guesswork and frustration!

Designed by: Kate Lilienthal, Vanessa Zimmer, Michael Moen, Amber Engfer and Peggy Troudt of the Target Product Design and Development Team

Contact: James A. Wilson

Smart Home System

Samsung SDS Smart Home System Control Display and Digital Door Lock can be installed easily to manage home security through sensors and a smartphone with cutting-edge technology such as video and life pattern analytics. It also offers reduced maintenance, repair and energy costs through automatic assessment and remote updates.

Designed by: Seungryun Lee, Jeonghoon Ha and Sooyeon Chung for Samsung SDS

Contact: Sooyeon Chung

LG Smart Security

LG Smart Security is designed as an all-in-one home security system that can be controlled from your mobile device. Along with its discreet and beautiful form, it offers HD video; ADT 24/7 professional monitoring; and seamless home automation.

Designed by: Ara Acle, Francois Nguyen, Hailey O’Conner, Charles Ambler and Joshua Newby of frog; and Jeff Bonin and Arthur Orduna of LG Electronics

Contact: Nikki Horn

Hive Active Heating Thermostat 2

Hive Active Heating Thermostat 2 is becoming the new smart and sustainable home thermostat. Designed by fuseproject, Hive allows users to save money by controlling exactly when they need heat and hot water, with an attractive design mounted on the wall.

Designed by: Yves Béhar, IDSA, Noah Murphy-Reinhertz, Mirko Ihrig, Moon Kim, Hideaki Matsui and Brett Middelton of fuseproject

Contact: Kari Nordvik

HEGII Integrated Intelligent Toilet

HEGII Integrated Intelligent Toilet provides comfort, safety, ease of use and automatic cleaning. Users can set the toilet to adapt to their habits, and store the information. A function knob control on the side of the toilet sets into motion—hip cleaning, feminine care or flushing. A button ensures flushing even during power outages. The toilet is designed for the user’s comfort—through its seating, and by providing heated water.

Designed by: Xie Xufan and Lin Peixu of Guangdong Hegii Sanitary Wares Co., Ltd.

Contact: Ziming Lee