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FlexWash™ + FlexDry™

FlexWash & FlexDry is a concept washer and dryer duo that enables customized clothes care through segregated washing throughout the entire washing process and separated drying. The design provides optimal usability based on human behavior. A small-load washing machine within the larger washing machine reduces water and power consumption. FlexDry features a drying method specialized for delicate clothes, adding a new value of fabric care to the existing tumble dryer and providing innovative convenience through segregated drying.

Designed by: Sanghoon Yoon, Yuna Park, Myunggyu Kim, Ahjung Joo and Kyoungmin Lee of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Contact: seo.shin@samsung.com | www.samsung.com

Airmega Series 400s/300s

AIRMEGA series [400S/300S] is a stylish air purifier with a Wi-Fi-enabled feature that let you allow having a smarter control of your air purifier that clean your indoor air and protect your health. Airmega creates a more comfortable home in a way consumers can feel and see through in-app monitoring while the device does its job. Also, This air purifier is a not just a product placed in your home, but a lifestyle product that blends into your living space and helps you to breathe cleaner and healthier air. 

Designed by: Coway Design Lab

Contact: So-yeon Lee

GRIP Series 2

It’s a knob for the new age. The GRIP Series 2 elegant, circular door lock can be unlocked with fingerprint recognition by entering four illuminated dots in the correct order and a certain number of times. Then, the user either pushes or pulls—but does not turn like a traditional knob—to open the door. Since it is a push-pull door lock, even a little push or pull is enough to get the job done. The GRIP Series 2 offers advanced security and can be connected to your smartphone for remote operation.

Designed by: Park Jae Sang, Han Yoong Hee

Contact: Jaesang Park

Layered wallcovering

Home interior trends change rapidly and to keep up, many consumers mostly decorate their homes with objects such as furniture and lighting that can be changed easily and quickly. Consumers also are beginning to prefer simpler designed wall coverings that match furniture—rather than elaborate wall coverings. Layered Wallcovering fits the bill.  Its unique design is represented by its thickness, depth, luxurious feel and trendy colors.

Designed by: Kim Seo Hee, Kim Kyung Hee, Kim Min Sun, Hong Da Young and Shin Jin Kyung of wallpaper PJT for LG Hausys

Contact: SEO HEE KIM

Smart Window

In this age of advancements, the window is long overdue for an overhaul. Smart Window answers the call. Based on Internet of Things (IoT) technology, Smart Window features intelligent design for maximum safety, privacy, comfort; and ease of use and maintenance. Smart Window can be controlled manually or via a smartphone. IT can open and close automatically; alert owners when opened or closed; ventilate when necessary; and change from transparent to opaque hues with “magic” glass.

Designed by: John Bae, Kim Hyung Geun, Jinhyuk Rho, Myoung Seok Oh, Seungjung Lee, Juyeon Won, Jihyun Kim and Seyoul Park of LG Hausys

Contact: Kim Hyung Geun


RICOH THETA S is a spherical 360-degree camera that allows you to shoot the whole landscape surrounding you in a single shot. Such images can also be shared with friends and acquaintances worldwide by simple operations through SNS. You can easily build an environment to experience virtual reality (VR) that makes you feel as if you were brought to that shot location and time by viewing THETA-captured image on head-mounted displays. With still images and videos of a high quality not seen before, RICOH THETA S can even record the realistic sensation and atmosphere of the location, dramatically improving the quality of the VR experience.

Designed by: Tomohiko Sasaki,  Naoto Tsuruoka, Sachiko Fukumaru, Toshihiko Kawa and Ryuuichi Shirane of Ricoh Company, Ltd.; TRIAND Inc.

Contact: Kazuyuki.Saitoh

Honeywell Doorbells

Honeywell’s new, global offering of wired and wireless, portable or plug-in doorbells adopts a modular platform design approach. The LED confidence light on the push button alerts you visually, while a Secret Knock function plays different melodies—so you know if it’s a family member or a friend at the door. These are ready-to-install straight out of the box and an easy-open battery compartment.

Designed by: Honeywell User Experience and PriestmanGoode for Honeywell Environmental and Energy Solutions

Contact: Richard Choi

Fade Task Light

Fade Task Light uses minimal amount of parts, reducing the cost of production and the timeline for manufacturing. High quality materials ensure longevity and an ongoing, positive relationship with the brand and customer. Its LED array saves energy. Eyestrain is reduced when the light color temperatures are shifted to match the task at hand and the time of day. Its arm movement is fluid and adaptable, leveraging two magnetic assisted spring hinges that articulate a full 120˚ range.

Designed by: Box Clever for Fade Studio Inc.

Contact: Box Clever

Nascent Objects

Nascent Objects is the world’s first modular, consumer electronics, creation platform and marketplace—giving consumers the choice to have the features they want—when they want. By combining CAD tools, 3D printed circuitry and a library of electronic component modules, the platform helps creators take their consumer electronics ideas from concept to finish with market-ready products in a matter of days. With Nascent Modules and Shapes, products can be upgraded and customized so consumers get more use and innovation out of consumer electronics products—for a fraction of the cost.

Designed by: Steve Sangik Lee, Achille Biteau, Victoria Slaker and Robert Brunner, IDSA of Ammunition for Nascent Objects

Contact: Sara Munday

Sonos PLAY:5

Sonos Play:5 is a smart speaker for today's music streaming universe. The product is designed for three orientations—solo, or as a stereo pair vertically or horizontally. TruePlay software calibrates the speaker to its environment. Sonos applied the concept of Hi-Fi holistically to the whole listening experience in the home. As part of the system, Play:5 works as a single speaker, can be paired via software with a second Play:5 to a stereo pair; or can be grouped with other Sonos speakers in the house for a seamless, multi-room sound experience.

Designed by: Sonos Design and GRO Design for Sonos, Inc.

Contact: Stefan Reichert