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Kola Washbasin Mixer

The Kola Washbasin Mixer is a dual-function water-conserving faucet collection with an innovative control mechanism. Kola has two water outlets, providing users with more flexibility and possibilities for different needs. Not only can you turn it on and off and regulate the water temperature, you can choose the direction of the water flow. 

Designed by: Huang Caiyun of Bravat (China) GmbH

Contact: paul.yu@seagullgroup.cn

Kirigamine MSZ-FL, MSZ-LN, MSZ-JL Series

The Kirigamine MSZ-FL, MSZ-LN, MSZ-JL Series features a split-type wall-mounted air conditioner that doesn't look like an air conditioner. It has a sleek shape and comes in a variety of color. It's free of blower outlets, sensors or other protruding clues about its function. The main unit is made up of straight lines and flat surfaces combined with a high-quality surface finish for a decor-like presence.

Designed by: Hiroyuki Kato, So Nakai and Takayuki Nishiguchi of Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

Contact: idc_info@nd.MitsubishiElectric.co.jp | http://us.mitsubishielectric.com/en/

A7 CordZero Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The A7 CordZero is a wireless canister vacuum cleaner that can move freely. It's equipped with an automatic tracking function, an obstacle avoidance function and strong cleaning performance. The result of four years of development, the vacuum features a dual-blade dust compressor in a multicyclone system that sucks up to three times more dust and prevents it from flying out when the bin is emptied.

Designed by: Myungwhoon Lee, Sehwan Bae, Bohyun Nam, Jungkyu Son and Jaeyong Lee of LG Electronics Inc.

Contact: Gihyeon.Lee@lge.com | www.lg.com

Valet by David Rockwell

Valet by David Rockwell explores a new furniture typology that supports everyday living, working and entertaining. With tactile and refined materials and details—including full-grain saddle leather, American walnut, black steel and brushed brass—each piece redefines the essentials of modern living and fits seamlessly into home or hospitality environments. From lounge seating to customizable shelving, each of the 14 pieces in the collection has streamlined functionality. Grouped together in endless combinations, the pieces help create natural transitions from work to play in the home or hospitality setting.

Designed by: David Rockwell, FAIA, Barry Richards, Marco Gallegos and Shunyi Wu of Rockwell Group for Stellar Works

Contact: spawar@rockwellgroup.com | www.rockwellgroup.com

Silhouette® Duolite™ Shadings

Silhouette Duolite Shadings seamlessly combine a Silhouette shading with an independently operated room-darkening roller shade nestled in the same sleek headrail. Enjoy the softly diffused light and through view that are the hallmarks of Silhouette shadings’ innovative design, and activate the back-roller shade when increased room darkening and privacy are desired. Once the Silhouette shading is lowered, the roller shade can be adjusted to any position to meet individual light control and privacy needs. The shading and shade can be recessed into the headrail for an unobstructed view.

Designed by: Hunter Douglas

Contact: melodiem@vpcpartners.com | www.HunterDouglas.com

Real Rain

The Real Rain system brings the experience of a rain shower inside the home. It reproduces rain's multisensory elements such as droplets, randomness, and auditory and tactile feel, enveloping the user. Yet Real Rain uses the same amount of water as a traditional showerhead (2.0 gallons per minute).

Designed by: Rafael Rexach, IDSA and Stephanie Szemetylo of Kohler

Contact: rafael.rexach@kohler.com | http://www.us.kohler.com/us

Q9500 – Floor Standing Air Conditioner

The most frequent complaint about air conditioners is the direct cold breeze they emit. Q9500, a standing still-air air conditioner, provides strong cooling by changing the air flow and maintains fresh coolness without users feeling the air. Recognized as the first innovation since the invention of the air conditioner in 1902, Q9500 has realized a complete design with a refined shape, expressing the invisible wind consumers have never experienced.

Designed by: Minkyoung Choi, Heejae Jeong, Jinsook Park, Suhyun Yoo and Jidam Hong of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Contact: seo.shin@samsung.com | www.samsung.com

HUMICOTTA: 3D Printed Terracotta Humidifier

HUMICOTTA is a 3D-printed ceramic humidifier. It is bacteria free, easy to clean and energy efficient. It includes a base module and filter part. The base is a cylindrical pedestal with a built-in fan on which the filter can be placed. The filter is a 3D-printed honeycomb structure made of diatomite. When water is added, the honeycomb structure and the microspores of the diatomite maximize natural humidification. HUMICOTTA also offers an open platform service that customizes filters or provides files that users can print using their own 3D printer.

Designed by: ID+IM Design Laboratory

Contact: admin@idimlab.com | idim.kaist.ac.kr

Automist Smartscan

Automist Smartscan is a smarter sprinkler system. A typical ceiling-mounted sprinkler head douses fires but can cause water damage to property. Automist consists only of a stainless steel panel that seamlessly integrates into the interior of almost any living space and has been proven to douse fires as well as traditional sprinklers while using 90 percent less water and causing significantly less water damage to the living space.

Designed by: Yusuf Muhammad, William Makant, Anderson Horst, Alan Hart and Pete Scarisbrick for Plumis Ltd

Contact: info@plumis.com | www.plumis.com

WORX Switchdriver

WORX Switchdriver is a 20 volt drill driver that drills holes and drives screws in an innovative way. Switchdriver has two quarter-inch chucks and a two-speed gearbox with no-load speeds of 0–400 and 0–1,500 rpm. It features an 11-position electronic clutch and has a maximum torque rating of 310 inch-pounds. Weighing only 3 pounds with a battery, the Switchdriver is compact and lightweight. A built-in LED light illuminates the work area when the trigger is pressed.

Designed by: Fangyong Wang, Gang Xu, Haibo Zhou, Wenjin Huang and Qiaohua Tao of Positec Tool Group

Contact: mkmcomm@gmail.com | www.worx.com