WeMo Insight


The WeMo Insight is a simple but sophisticated plug-and-play approach to making lights, fans, heaters, TVs or any other device a smartly connected device. Simply plug it into a power outlet, connect a device and access the device from anywhere in the world through your smart phone and tablet. It literally puts home at your fingertips. Users can switch devices on or off; set a schedule; check energy usage and ask devices for notification that a task is done—“Hi, it’s your washer. The laundry is done!” or “Hi, It’s your TV. I have been on for the last two hours. Someone must not be doing their homework!”

Designed by: Thorben Neu, Ernesto Quinteros, IDSA, Oliver Seil, IDSA, David Kleeman and Vince Razo for Belkin International

Contact: mitchells@belkin.com