U by Moen™ Shower

Featured Finalist

U By Moen Shower is the first wireless/cloud-based shower control for a customizable experience. The user controls time, temperature, outlets and how their day begins. They can also remotely set the shower to the perfect wake-up temperature from the comfort of their own bed through their smartphone. After reaching the desired temperature, notification occurs through the mobile app and the shower automatically pauses to conserve water. The system features up to 12 personalized preset configurations and is available in either two or four water outlet systems. It’s minimalistic form and luxurious Terra Beige finish coordinates swith any shower design.

Designed by: Steven Ward, IDSA, Jen Sedwick, IDSA, Jessica Birchfield, IDSA, Sam Cahill, IDSA, and Andrew McMillan of Moen Inc.

Contact: jessica.d.birchfield@gmail.com | https://www.moen.com/u