Featured Finalist

RICOH THETA S is a spherical 360-degree camera that allows you to shoot the whole landscape surrounding you in a single shot. Such images can also be shared with friends and acquaintances worldwide by simple operations through SNS. You can easily build an environment to experience virtual reality (VR) that makes you feel as if you were brought to that shot location and time by viewing THETA-captured image on head-mounted displays. With still images and videos of a high quality not seen before, RICOH THETA S can even record the realistic sensation and atmosphere of the location, dramatically improving the quality of the VR experience.

Designed by: Tomohiko Sasaki,  Naoto Tsuruoka, Sachiko Fukumaru, Toshihiko Kawa and Ryuuichi Shirane of Ricoh Company, Ltd.; TRIAND Inc.

Contact: Kazuyuki.Saitoh