Noble Series(AP-1521B / AP-2021A / AP-3021D)


The Noble Series is a line of tower air purifiers that offers a new vision and goals for an air purifier that goes beyond functionality to become a work of art. With a single clear design language and an image that seems to rise with delicate repetitions, the design is memorable. The series provides consistent premium value that extends across all models regardless of the size and proportion of the space in which they will be used. The foldable, easy-to-replace filters offer better intake efficiency and portability. The air-plate vent system allows direct and indirect control of the airflow and circulation to suit user needs.

Designed by: Hyun-joo Song, Eung-kyu Park, Jung-jae Jeon, Ga-hee Kim, Su-min Shin, and Jeong-hwa Lee of the Coway Design Center 

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