LG Front-Loading Washer, Dryer & Pedestal Compact Washer


The user experience design of the LG 27” front-loading washer provides remarkable convenience with stylish and ergonomic design. The raised and tilted door allows easy loading of laundry and a view of the drum without the user having to bend over. The console embedded in the door is also tilted and reduces any wrist strain. The detergent dispenser on top has a wider opening. To meet the market demand for both large and small capacity, a compact washer was added to the main pedestal; the main and compact washers can be used simultaneously or separately to save time and energy. They also can be installed in various ways depending on space.

Designed by: Jeaseok Seong, Wookjun Chung, Jonghee Han and Yeji Um of LG Electronics Inc.

Contact: Gihyeon.Lee@lge.com