HARMONIC ACE® +7 Shears with Advanced Hemostasis

HARMONIC ACE® +7 Shears are the first and only pure ultrasonic energy device with a 7mm vessel sealing indication. Designed to work in conjunction with the Ethicon Generator G11 and HARMONIC® HP054 Hand Piece, HARMONIC ACE® +7 Shears unite the precision and multi-functionality of HARMONIC with stronger large vessel sealing—a benefit combination that does not exist in any other product. Using advanced algorithms, the device actively monitors tissue conditions to sense and respond intelligently to changes in tissue, helping reduce the risk of thermal damage. Surgeons use it for precise dissecting, transecting, coagulating, sealing and grasping tissue in open and minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures, particularly those where bleeding control and minimal thermal injury are important, such as general, bariatric, colorectal, gynecologic, thoracic and urologic procedures.

Designed by: Johnson & Johnson IDHF team and Johnson & Johnson Global Surgery Group Research and Development team for Ethicon

Contact: ckimbal4@its.jnj.com