Tent Water Collector


Water is scarce in many countries, especially in Africa. The modular Tent Water Collector provides an easy and effective method to turn rainwater into drinking water. The rain is collected inside the roof, which recesses as the volume of water increases. The water is then funneled through the filtering equipment attached to the underside of the roof and piped directly inside for cooking, drinking and washing.

"A compelling conceptual solution for developing countries that takes advantage of existing natural resources, simple technology and community dynamics to solve for this increasingly global safe drinking water crisis." – Carrie Russell, IDSA, Senior Design Manager, Proctor & Gamble

Credits: Haimo Bao, Zelong Wang, Yunfei Zhao, Huan Liu, Kui Zhang, Feng Zeng, Yu Fu, Song Qiao and Kun Xu of School of Design, Dalian Nationalities University (China)

Contact: Zelong Wang: bhmo@163.com