Spotlight the music and touch the light' - Audio system interfacing with Lighting


This student design exploration combines a CD player with a lamp to create a dynamic interactive listening experience. Simply insert the CD into the lamp. An LED-generated control panel is then transmitted onto the surface below. No remote control or panel of buttons is needed. Pause, fast forward or skip tracks with the virtual control pad all while using the lamp to read by.

"The brilliance here is appropriation: space, form and interface combine to create a Jetson's sound machine. A dream of music access that just hovers, its floating defines a space. The shape seems so obviously sci-fi, but fresh. The function could follow the form. The shape is beautiful and functional-which hits both of the pillars of American Needs right on the head." -Tucker Viemeister, FIDSA, President, Springtime-USA

Contact: Suk-woo Lee,
Hong-ik University, Korea,

Credit: Suk-woo Lee , Hong-ik University, Korea