Smart Opt Soldering Station


“Smart Opt” is an adjustable soldering station with integrated desolder iron, hot tweezers and soldering iron for use in overseas manufacturing assembly facilities and prototyping labs. The workstation reduces the risk of back injury, neck strain, headaches and eye strain by adjusting to individual body dimensions and the stance of users as they become fatigued throughout the day. The station’s height adjustment reduces eye strain, and a 0-to-20 degree tilt creates an optimal working surface. In addition, the tools can be easily shifted to accommodate left- and right-hand users or suit the needs of the current job. “Smart Opt” also has a turntable with a high-heat-resistant silicon template pad that can hold an impression of the final product that nestles the components, freeing up a hand.

This innovative design also shows outstanding organization and convenience, with a clean look and easy access to all the tools.

Barbara Bloemink, IDSA, Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs and Programs, Museum of Arts and Design

Contact: Natalie Schraufnagel

Credit: Natalie Schraufnagel of Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design