S.I.E.C. Car Seat


Client: Art Center College of Design

The S.I.E.C. Car Seat is an ergonomically advanced driver’s car seat designed for seniors, a quickly growing demographic not typically targeted by car manufacturers. The S.I.E.C. system addresses the main barriers older drivers face: ingress and egress and car seat comfort and safety. At the push of a button, the ergonomically advanced driver’s seat automatically slides out of a car door opening, swivels to face the external environment, then rotates and pivots to the ground allowing the user to effortlessly slip onto or off the seat. In addition, a computerized system of sensors connected to a central computer automatically detects changes in body temperature and pressure points and adjusts the air lumbar and heating/cooling system accordingly. The seats are attractive and comforting, with a soft, soothing color palette, reminiscent of a favorite arm chair.

Contact:Paul Fu
Art Center College of Design

Credit: Paul Fu, Sam Chiu, Hiro Ikuma, Tim Meyer and Ai Su