POETREE is a funeral urn that evolves over time as a companion through the stages of mourning. The ashes are placed in the urn and are covered with soil. The family takes the urn home and plants a tree in it. When the tree is big enough, it is time to plant the urn in a garden or a park. Eventually the urn, which is made of a biodegradable material and ceramic, will disappear, and only the tree and the ceramic top will remain, just like a gravestone.

"A simple and elegant physical manifestation of where emotional intelligence meets not only a poetic idea, but a powerful one that touches the soul of the human condition." – Carrie Russell, IDSA, Senior Design Manager, Proctor & Gamble

Credits: Margaux Ruyant of DSK ISD International School of Design (India)

Contact: Philippe Vahe: philippe.vahe@gmail.com