Nursing Kit



The Nursing Kit is a family first-aid kit designed to blend into its surroundings and be a part of people’s daily lives. It adds a breath of fresh air to the mundane. The designers observed that the concept of a first-aid kit is not familiar to typical Taiwanese families. Therefore, they began the design process by seeking a form with which affinities could be easily found and that could be looked upon as a piece of art within the home.

When the Nursing Kit is picked up, the red emergency first-aid cross lights up. The user opens the kit by pushing down on it and turning. The container is separated into three sections: one for sterilization, one for medication and one for dressings. The lid portion functions as a light source, so when the kit is taken apart it can be used as a flashlight.

Inside the kit are multiple components: curvy scissors, a tape dispenser, a tweezers clip and medicine caps. The curvy scissors were designed with curved handles that are angled upward 6 degrees. This curvature makes it much easier for users to pick up and hold the scissors, no matter which side is used. The tape dispenser doubles as a mirror base when not in use, and the tape can be cut from multiple angles and easily applied to any part of the body. The wavy surface on the tweezers clip improves grip; the tweezers clip can also be used to seal packages. The medicine caps make it easy for people with limited dexterity to easily open medicine containers; the small integrated magnifying element also helps users read labels.