MYGO_ the first generation of a dynamic and interactive guidance in the urban environment


For blind people, mobility is closely connected with stress. They have to memorize their routes and rely on hearing to maneuver through their surroundings. During storms or when in noisy environments, orientation can become difficult, or even impossible. MYGO is an electronic guide dog that communicates information about the environment directly to users. The system offers permanent location identification and can provide full scene recognition in real time. Users interact with the device through the grip, and auditory feedback is transmitted through a head set. MYGO is powered by a hub motor in the wheel, so it doesn’t exhaust users. With a sleek, contemporary design that prevents users from feeling stigmatized and a functionality that gives people back their spontaneity, MYGO is more than a guide—it’s a sightseeing partner.

Contact: Sebastian Ritzler
+49 1 76 24 61 3185

Credit: Sebastian Ritzler of Muthesius Academy of Art and Design (Germany)