Modular Hinge Sandal


With the Modular Hinge Sandal, users can purchase one shoe frame and choose different sleeves of their style and liking, changing the look of the footwear without having to purchase new shoes. Comprised of three parts, top and bottom sleeve and a frame. The living hinge takes advantage of the texture of plastic and the compression of the elastomer sleeves for the suspension system. 100% recyclable and ecologically green product solution.

"This design redefines the sandal. Information on the physiology of the foot is connected with an understanding of high performance materials to minimize the impact of walking in sandals. The designer has created a sandal that fits into the vocabulary that has emerged for athletic footwear." -Craig Vogel, FIDSA, Associate Dean, College of Fine Arts, Carnegie Mellon University.

Contact: Arvind Gupta,
San Francisco State University,

Credit: Arvind Gupta , San Francisco State University