Life-on is a roof tile designed to accommodate each of the seasons and provide warming or cooling benefits appropriate to the time of year. The tiles are able to grow grass. During the summer months, the grass blocks sunlight and keeps the interior of the house much cooler than a typical roof. In addition, the grass helps with the absorption of carbon dioxide from the air, the release of oxygen back into the environment and the purification of the air; it also enhances the appearance of the house and the surrounding neighborhood. During the winter months, the grass gradually withers forming a barrier that can prevent heat loss from inside the house and saves energy.

Houses all over the world have roofing of one kind of another. Some materials are better than others in terms of energy savings. Some roofing materials are better during the summer, and some are better during the winter. Life-on tiles work year-round. Spring, summer, winter and fall, users can conserve energy because they won’t need to rely on the air-conditioner or heater as much in order to stay comfortable. Life-on ensures that the electricity consumption is low throughout the year.

One of the problems of traditional roof tiles is that the heat from the sun can pass through the tiles and into the house, causing the interior of the house to heat up and the user to turn on the air-conditioner. The same is true during the wintertime, except instead of the heat, the cold easily passes through, causing the user to turn on the heater. Life-on is designed to function in an opposite manner, ensuring a cool home during the summertime and a warm home during the wintertime, all the while helping the user save energy and save money.

Another important aspect of Life-on roof tiles is their durability. Most roof tiles are used for more than 10 years, so it pays to have a roof that will stay strong and effective for at least that long. Life-on is designed to be extremely durable and effective during the hottest and coldest times of year.

For the eco-minded, Life-on is beneficial in that it is designed to absorb carbon dioxide, release clean oxygen and purify the air. With Life-on, users benefit the environment and do their part in fighting global warming. In addition, environmentally friendly and nature-oriented people will benefit from the calming and relaxing feel of having a beautiful green grass roof.


Designed by Teng Xuan of Jiangnan University

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