I/O Brush


The I/O Brush is a unique technology-based graphics tool that works like a digital eyedropper to allow people to take the color, texture and movement of any physical object and to immediately draw with that attribute. The I/O Brush looks like a simple wooden paintbrush but is actually imbedded with a small video camera that contains lights and touch sensors that translates an object into "ink" bringing users endless creativity.

"Experimentation with embedded technology is not so experimental any more! Physical computing applications that can do things that were only imaginable in science fiction are now applications that truly enhance the user experience. Through those explorations in combinations of the programming and the physical design, new, more useful experiences are born. This computer interface (not a keyboard or even a mouse) combines the traditional materials of the artist with the latest image-grabbing technology, all rolled into a digital paint box-the sum is greater than the parts. The output allows everyone to "paint" with all kinds of images." -Tucker Viemeister, FIDSA, President, Springtime-USA

Contact: Kimiko Ryokai,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA,

Credit: Kimiko Ryokai and Stefan Marti , Massachusetts Institute of Technology