empower concept shoes


This product enables a person with physical limitations to put on and take off shoes without having to bend. The shoe opens and closes through an internal mechanism and needs no shoelaces. The natural position of the shoe is the unlocked latch inside the sole causing it to sit slightly arched on the toe and ball of the shoe. This natural, unlocked position increases the foot hole opening, allowing the user to easily slide in the foot. The act of stepping down applies pressure on the mechanism and instantly latches and locks, while visually straightening out the shoe. To remove the shoe, the other foot steps on the back heel lever, which nudges a wedge-like tip underneath the interlocking pieces of the mechanism, opening up the foot hole and allowing your foot to exit.

Contact: Angie Kim,
San Jose State University, USA,
408.472.5456, kimangie@gmail.com

Credit: Angie Kim, San Jose State University