This portable handheld communicator for deaf-blind people, who rely solely on tactile sense to acquire information, can convert all types of printed material into Braille. It can also provide assistance with such computer-related tasks as instant messaging and Web browsing. Because of its slim profile, e-Sullivan can be carried anywhere, protected by a sturdy outer shell composed of a rubber and plastic resin. When on the go, e-Sullivan can help users read store product information and prices without assistance. Its simple surfaces and minimal number of buttons emphasize tactile interaction for straightforward usability. The middle, ring and little fingers operate Braille input buttons, and the thumbs are used for the scrolling wheel and the mode button. Index fingers operate the scanning button. With e-Sullivan, the designers hope to lower the wall between deaf-blind people and the world.

Contact: Taeho Wang

Credit:Taeho Wang and Seungho Chung of Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology