Color Guard Mosquito Net


Color Guard Mosquito Net is one component of a malaria healthcare system for the Congo River Basin, which consists of a mobile clinic, diagnostic device and mosquito net station, helping healthcare providers fight malaria with early treatment and disease prevention. One of the goals of this design was to empower people to take an active role in their healthcare by creating their own mosquito netting. The Color Guard nets last much longer than standard mosquito nets since the people-safe dye/insecticide used to kill mosquitoes and their eggs can be reapplied every few months. With its double-layer construction, the net is also bite-proof, preventing the common method of infection from a bite where the skin touches the net.

Credits: Eric Burns, IDSA, Karen Han, Roel Punzalan, Eren Hebert, Alex Chou and Young Kim of Art Center College of Design
Contact: Katherine Bennett, IDSA: