CityBike Amsterdam


Client: Art Center College of Design

CityBike Amsterdam is a progressive public bicycle transportation system for the city of Amsterdam. A fleet of GPS-enabled bikes with remote-controlled electronic locks are deployed throughout the city. Small handheld wireless GPS devices would be available for lease from various public locations. These BikeFinders act as electronic “keys” that enable users to locate the nearest available CityBike bicycle, unlock it and lock it back up for the next rider. While riding, the BikeFinder attaches to the lock (which mounts to the handlebars) and acts as a meter. For the city, the system reduces traffic and improves parking. For the client (the city of Amsterdam), CityBike makes tracking and maintenance of the fleet easier, reducing the likelihood of theft. For residents and tourists, navigating around the city is less of a hassle, more fun and healthier.

“I liked the all-around approach of this project: product, system and communication. A real site, a real city and a real problem, tackled with a cool intelligence.”
--Jeremy Myerson, professor of design studies, Royal College of Art

Contact: Katherine Bennett, IDSA
Art Center College of Design

Credit: Jonathan Abarbanel