Client: Mattel Inc.

What a girl wants is her diary and what a girl needs is this electronic version that includes a digital video camera with a small color LCD, individual time capsules and a networked pond that connects all the parts in the system. A girl 8-12 years of age captures video, stills and sound clips from her everyday life, stores them in whimsical time capsules and replays them on the color display of the camera by placing the capsules and camera in various locations in the pond.

"This meaningful interpretation of an old paradigm brings the diary straight into the 21st century. The research done to assure the product would resonate with girls ages 8-12 enabled the designers to create a product that is vibrant, yet sophisticated, mirroring the qualities valued by the target market." -Shaun Jackson, IDSA, Shaun Jackson Design

Contact: Kelly Kruse, CCAC,

Designers: Kelly Kruse, California College of Arts and Crafts