The Campus Mini Velo: Redefining Utility


The Campus Mini Velo has the versatility of a car without the financial burden, environmental impact or maintenance hassles. Compact and modular, it's an endlessly customizable solution for the needs of today's students and tomorrow's professionals. College students have many things to worry about—getting around shouldn't be one of them. From books and projects to basics like groceries and laundry, students carry a lot of stuff with them. The Campus Mini Velo is designed to take the stress out of getting it from point A to point B. With customizable and removable cargo racks, a retractable kickstand and fenders, tires that never go flat to a dynamic and a unique look, the Campus Mini Velo redefines utility.

The design challenge was to create a versatile bicycle for people who might otherwise drive a car and who would never imagine themselves owning and loving a utility bike. College students were the focus. These students are at a stage in life where they could head down the path of car ownership, but it is also an opportunity to foster a generation of bike users. To motivate students to ride instead of drive, a bicycle must present incentives. It must be practical, affordable and adaptable. It also must connect with students, have great style and be a pleasure to ride.

In reinventing the utility bike, the designers redefined utility to what meets the ever-changing needs of the rider, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach. From time to time a college student will find it necessary to carry large objects. In that same day a student may attend class, visit a friend or go out to eat. The Campus Mini Velo doesn't just carry large loads or get people from place to place, it is designed to fit seamlessly into the lives of its users and is customizable to their changing needs and tastes.

The Campus Mini Velo stands out in a crowd. The distinct trapezoidal frame and mini-velo style with its 20-inch wheels makes space for interchangeable attachments, such as collapsible cargo racks, cup holders and lights. All connection points utilize the same lockable drop pin, allowing the rider to reconfigure the bike without any special tools. The bike can be loaded up with racks and other attachments one minute, then stripped down to the bare essentials the next.

The Campus Mini Velo is also easy to use and maintain. An integrated retractable kickstand and fenders are always there when needed and out of the way when they’re not. Airless tires, disc brakes and a belt drive take the lion's share of maintenance out of owning this bike—no more flats, rusting chains or brakes that slip in the rain. The customizable frame case, available in a multitude of colors, adds personality, provides a secure compartment for a tool kit and locks the saddle. These integrated features make the Campus Mini Velo simple, personalized and fun—the perfect bike for campus life.

Credits: University of Oregon, Teressa Hamje, Matt Raphael, Adam Horbinski, Scott Warneke, Jeremy Androschuk, Ian Kenny and Heath Korvola
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