Furniture & Lighting

C by GE Sol - Voice Control Desk Lamp

GE Lighting’s C by GE Sol is the industry’s first Alexa-integrated lighting product. Sol, which gets its name from the circular shape and illumination of the sun, combines functional illumination, visual indicators for everyday tasks, sleep-based light and all the features users would find in an Alexa product in a contemporary table lamp without the need for a stand-alone Alexa device. Through the built-in microphones and a speaker, you can use Sol to control all Alexa-compatible products in your home.

Designed by: Jing Chen and GE Lighting (China)


Image Sofa

The Image Sofa is a single-person sofa. The purpose of the design was to use modern and international design language to reproduce the spirit of oriental landscapes and re-innovate furniture design based on tradition and nature. The design inspiration was derived from the famous Chinese painting Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains of Yuan Dynasty. The design explores more possibilities to incorporate traditional culture in modern society. The Image Sofa is suitable for young people's aesthetic and lifestyle.

Designed by: Zhenyi Chen, Jian Chen and Chao Zhang of Wuyi University, Xiangdong Xia of Senyuan Furniture Group and Haixia Jiang of Dongguang Polytechnic for Senyuan Furniture Group



LitraTorch is the world's most versatile adventure photo and video light. At 1.5 inches square, the LitraTorch provides 800 lumens of continuous high-quality light. The ultra-wide beam angle matches a cameras’ wide angle. The LitraTorch was designed with an all-aluminum body that provides extreme durability, acts as a heat sink and is waterproof to 10 meters. This versatile light meets the very high quality of light output essential for professional photographers and keeps up with the adventure sports and utility markets.

Designed by: Scott Gant of LITRA



Elegant and unconventional, yet functional and accessible, the Lyss chair embodies the think-outside-the-box mentality, pulling in organic materials and smart silhouettes for a chair as unique as it is beautiful. This chair was thoughtfully designed to facilitate intimate conversations and meaningful connections between its users. Furthered by each and every one of its carefully considered components, the chair makes for the perfect seating selection in boardrooms, lobbies, lounges, libraries and ideation spaces.

Designed by: Carl Gustav Magnusson of Carl Gustav Magnusson Design for Allseating


Modern Weave

Modern Weave was born of the idea to upholster a chair in a different way while providing comfort and pattern. Modern Weave is a continued exploration of reinterpreting a traditional technique in a modern way. The original exploration won the Eames Good Design Challenge and was then auctioned off to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. In this second manifestation of the exploration, Modern Weave has a refined linear pattern that is visually elegant from every angle while enhancing user comfort.

Designed by: KEM STUDIO


WETSTYLE's C2 Collection

A storage and accessories collection designed for the modern bathroom, WETSTYLE's C2 Collection evokes industrial styling through strong minimalist lines. Sleek and thoughtful in its design, the collection presents a fresh twist on a timeless aesthetic, offering a vanity console, optional storage drawer, and coordinating decorative mirror and towel holder. Perfect for powder rooms, guest bathrooms and small apartments, the furnishing’s solid stainless-steel frame, made complete with three rungs and a wooden wall-mounted storage unit, afford bathroom environments with multifunctional elements.

Designed by: Pierre Belanger and WETSTYLE Design Lab


The Architexture Collection

The Architexture Collection of performance textiles is based on an appreciation for the importance architecture plays in the modern landscape. Uniquely developed constructions, patterns and colorways echo architectural design elements found in building surfaces and facade designs. Further inspired by the global architectural design movement surrounding the surfacing and resurfacing of buildings, the collection reflects forms and layering of materials used to create these architectural facades. These design elements were translated into a collection of nine patterns and 11 colorways.

Designed by: Richard Frinier, IDSA, for Sunbrella®