Furniture & Lighting

The Casper Glow

As technology increasingly becomes a huge part of our waking lives, Casper wanted to harness technology in a way that improves, but does not impede, our resting hours. The Casper Glow is a bedtime light designed for better sleep. Light often gets in the way of a good night’s rest. It influences our sleep-wake cycles and even impacts our mood and ability to relax. It is also a primary cue for setting our circadian rhythm. In the middle of the night, exposure to light—particularly blue light, which comes from your phone—is disruptive to sleep. Blue light enhances your alertness and actually suppresses your ability to fall back asleep. While most lights keep us up, Glow’s warm, relaxing light gradually dims over 45 minutes and lulls you to sleep. It cues your body for bed to help you establish healthy sleep patterns and better routines. The light is accompanied by the Casper Glow app for further customization, but is driven by wonderfully intuitive gestures, so you can use it at your sleepiest. 

Designed by: Casper

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Cities such as London, Seattle, San Francisco and most urban centers globally are seeing an influx of young professionals. And yet, those urban centers are also becoming more expensive, causing people to seek smaller living spaces. While micro living meshes well with notions of sustainability, ORI, a startup out of MIT Media Lab, sought to tackle the question of how it could maximize a small 200- or 300-square-foot apartment. ORI developed robotic furniture and architecture that can transform itself with the touch of a button. Installed in studios or one-bedroom apartments, the ORI unit glides on magnetic actuators with a gentle push or remotely through the corresponding app. One ORI unit can turn a studio or one-bedroom apartment into a full-size bedroom, living room, office and closet, essentially tripling the usability of a small living space.

Designed by: fuseproject

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Wolke is an electric recliner chair named after a German word meaning “cloud” that offers ultimate comfort as if sitting on a cloud. Its soft cushion and genuine leather allows anyone to rest in the most relaxing position. Every compnent was delicately designed and ergonomically structured.

Designed by: Yunsu Na and Inhwan Woo of iloom



The SIMBULB VINTAGE was meticulously designed to preserve the look of early-20th-century lighting using advance LED technology. The design of the LED structure uses a soft and bendable material as a substrate to create a beautiful curved filament which emits warm reddish glow that is perfect for mood and accent lighting.

Designed by: Yeung Chi Keung of SIM Lighting Design Co., Ltd.



Roy is a furniture collection designed with a keen attention to ergonomic theories and the lifestyles of growing teens. With a wide range of items from small accessory hangers and storage benches to a height-adjustable desk and an angle-adjustable bed, teens can customize their space while improving their creativity and independent learning habits.

Designed by: Yeji Kim, Jungsoo Huh and Inhwan Woo of iloom



HANS offers a modular design suitable for wall lighting, spotlighting and basic lighting. Its professional optic design allows a 15-, 25-, 40- or 60-degree beam angle. It can be configured for different installation scenarios, such as recessed, surface-mounted, hooped, track, pendant, underground, wall and floor.

Designed by: Peng Yinshui of Shenzhen Dizan Technology Co., Ltd. for Romney Opto-Electronic Systems Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.



The C-couch was inspired by a chimpanzee's treetop bed. The cushion features a shallow oval bowl with a depression in the center that gently holds you. The raised edge serves as a pillow for the head, legs and arms, and the curved shape of the legs allows the couch to rock in nearly all directions.

Designed by: Shinichi Ishikawa, Zamma Koichiro and Arichika Iwata of Iwata Inc.


Flirt Collection

The Flirt Collection is a group of multiuse products that are reconfigurable and nestable to support and maximize the functionality of various settings for collaboration and learning. The collection is comprised of nesting guest and lounge chairs with optional tablet and book racks, nesting multipurpose tables, easels and divider screens— all of which leverage mobility and space efficiency. Flirt lounge is informal, addressing the sitting postures of today’s workplace; it offers a more casual sitting experience with generous open-formed upholstery that further encourages sitting in multiple positions. The Flirt guest chair plays well with any 29-inch-high table or can be grouped with other chairs to create conversation hubs, team-building clusters and listen-and-learn settings.

Designed by: David Ritch and Mark Saffell of 5D Studio for Arcadia


Fulton Rocker for HBF

The Fulton Rocker is a refined modern interpretation of the classic rocking chair intended for both the residential market and the growing corporate segment focused on wellness and a more nurturing work environment. The classic rocking chair has a magical calming effect. The rocking motion releases endorphins, which can improve mood and reduce stress and pain. As more and more companies invest in wellness for their employees to help offset the over-programmed and distracting world we live in today, a rocking chair has a unique benefit for employees. The challenge was to create a rocking lounge that balances aesthetics, ergonomics and durability requirements for contract furniture. Aesthetically, the goal was to create a modern classic that mixes premium materials and allows for easy customer customization between the layers of shells, upholstery, cushions and hardware. There was also desire to create a refined aesthetic and proportion that elevates the design beyond the slab-like rockers currently produced in the market.

Designed by: Scott Wilson, IDSA, of Minimal for HBF


Boccaporto by Koleksiyon

Boccaporto is a combined seating and work unit developed for open offices and public areas. The cubby unit is a softened square shape with a cushioned hood to provide an isolated workspace for one to two people; it is versatile, working as a place for individual work or for collaboration. Inset power and lighting capabilities and vibrant upholstery options, elevate the unit, making Boccaporto a focal point for a range of busy spaces. This unique seating collection is modern in its aesthetic and technological deliverables, providing a station that is pleasing to the eye.

Designed by: Lucio Quinzio Leonelli and Robin Rizzini of Metrica for Koleksiyon and Koray Malhan