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This modular customized bed system not only satisfies the space requirements of the complex layout of houses in China, but it also improves product quality, cost, and performance.

Designed by: Wang Liping, Chen Huibin, and Hua Nianzhou of Songlin Home Furnishing Co., Ltd

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JEROME is a children’s desk with adjustable height and tilt functions. Made for preschool children, it helps kids learn correct sitting posture at home before entering school. JEROME strives to create a healthier educational environment by combining ergonomic theories and technology. Compact in size, it can be easily placed in a child’s room. As a child grows, the top plate can be adjusted to their sitting height. The top plate can also be tilted down to 45 degrees to suit various activities, from writing to drawing and reading, so that the child can maintain the recommended posture at all times. A child lock prevents children from playing with the height-adjustable switch. 

Designed by: Jiwoon Sim and Juyong Oh of ILOOM

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Gantri X Ammunition Lighting Collections

Working in collaboration with the digital manufacturing platform Gantri, Ammunition created three lighting collections. Named Carve, Gio, and Signal, the three collections are inspired by Gantri’s 3D printing platform and the intricate, organic, and unexpected possibilities it provides compared to traditional manufacturing. Sustainably produced using a corn-based material and manufactured in California, each light is printed on demand, hand assembled, and finished in a process that feels more bespoke than industrial. Featuring table, floor, and wall-mounted lights, the collections come in five nature-inspired colors. The lights start at $148 and aim to make high-design lighting more accessible.

Designed by: Victoria Slaker, Nicolas Lenotte, Kainoa Perez, and Zeke Seminario of Ammunition for Gantri

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The RETWEED Collection is a sustainable line of performance fabrics containing up to 93% recycled content. Inspired by midcentury modern and vintage tweed, RETWEED projects the textural appearance of hand-loomed textiles where no two rolls are alike. Woven in classic neutral and richly colorful earthen hues, RETWEED incorporates the classic flecks that characterize Donegal tweeds, as well as the collaborating designer’s interpretations of classic tailored fashion patterns. The flecks along with the natural color variations are inherent to the recycling and manufacturing processes—perfectly imperfect design details that serve as artful and meaningful references to the importance of sustainable living practices.

Designed by: Sunbrella design team and Richard Frinier

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The D-cloud sofa was designed to help ease the anxiety and uneasiness caused by a modern, fast-paced life. By extending the backrest and adjusting the shape of the sofa, users can create a sense of being enveloped, giving them privacy and distance from the outside world. D-cloud replaces foam with EPP (expanded polypropylene) to enhance the fluidity of the sofa’s shape to better fit the human body. The fluidity of EPP particles, its superior elasticity, and its shock resistance provide a comfortable sitting experience. EPP can be recycled and reused; it also decomposes naturally. 

Designed by: Lin Qiao mei, Chen Zhi da, Chen Yi teng, Zeng De jian, Cai han bin, and Chen lu lu of Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co.,Ltd.

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The Adirondack chair is a timeless expression of outdoor enjoyment. The Americana reimages the Adirondack chair, modernizing its classic design language. Its use of high-performance materials makes a bold visual statement while ensuring the chair stands the test of time in public spaces. It uses UV-resistant postconsumer recycled plastic (HDPE) polymer for the seat and back, providing a long, vibrant, low-maintenance life. The commercial-grade rust-proof cast and extruded aluminum supports and under structure are finished with a polyester powder coating to resist fading and chipping.

Designed by: Loll Designs and Landscape Forms

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Evie Tealight

The Evie Tealight was designed to illuminate Glassybaby’s handmade votives with the calming effects and beauty of a real candle where open flames are unsafe or not allowed.

Designed by: Eli Hooper and Bryan Cabatic of Product Creation Studio for Illumocity on behalf of Glassybaby

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Jya Cordless LED Desk Lamp

The Jya Cordless LED Desk Lamp features a minimalist geometric shape with a sandblasted aluminum shell. It can project light both near and far with a variety of different intensities. The light is easily controlled with the touch button on the top. With a compact form and cordless design, Jya can be used anywhere you need light. The battery provides at least four hours of light.

Designed by: Tie Liu, Liang Huang, Liangliang Yao, Jiuping Yu and Dong Chen of Jya Smart Home (Tianjin) Limited

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Glint Hero Lighting Fixture

Glint Hero was designed to point light in any direction while the fixture itself remains stationary. It has a row of 10 fixed LEDs that shine up into a corresponding row of 10 tiny movable reflectors. A joystick moves the row of reflectors along an X-Y axis. As the row of reflectors moves relative to the fixed row of LEDs below it, the angle of light changes dramatically. Since the fixture never needs to move to aim light, multiple units can be perfectly aligned to one another for a clean contemporary look, instead of messy track lights aimed in many directions. 

Designed by: Dan Harden, IDSA, Cole Derby, Carlos Terminel, Yale Shaw and Cheng-Fu Hsieh of Whipsaw, Inc. for Glint Photonics

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Aveza is an open-frame 3D task chair that gives the user as much freedom of movement as possible while still offering control and balance.

Designed by: Sunon Team/FormAndBranch

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