Furniture & Lighting

Glint Hero Lighting Fixture

Glint Hero was designed to point light in any direction while the fixture itself remains stationary. It has a row of 10 fixed LEDs that shine up into a corresponding row of 10 tiny movable reflectors. A joystick moves the row of reflectors along an X-Y axis. As the row of reflectors moves relative to the fixed row of LEDs below it, the angle of light changes dramatically. Since the fixture never needs to move to aim light, multiple units can be perfectly aligned to one another for a clean contemporary look, instead of messy track lights aimed in many directions. 

Designed by: Dan Harden, IDSA, Cole Derby, Carlos Terminel, Yale Shaw and Cheng-Fu Hsieh of Whipsaw, Inc. for Glint Photonics

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Aveza is an open-frame 3D task chair that gives the user as much freedom of movement as possible while still offering control and balance.

Designed by: Sunon Team/FormAndBranch

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Backpacker is a chair designed for public spaces, such as restaurants, cafés and libraries, that provides integrated storage that doesn’t protrude from the chair.

Designed by: Mr. Chung Pin Lai, Mr. Ming Hong Yeh and Mr. Ming Chieh Yeh of Hank Maxwell Studio for Uwood Order Furniture Corporation

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Chair in Shelf

Chair in Shelf is a thin, light and flat chair ideal for tiny spaces. It is easily stored on a shelf or tucked behind furniture. When it is needed, simply open it like a book.

Designed by: Mr. Chung Pin Lai, Mr. Ming Hong Yeh and Mr. Ming Chieh Yeh of Hank Maxwell Studio for Uwood Order Furniture Corporation

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The Hup task chair embraces the idea of flexibility through the four arms holding the backrest, providing absolute comfort. Its first-class ergonomics will change how you look at office furniture.

Designed by: Sunon Team/Claudio Bellini Lab

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Moon Shadow Ceiling Light

The Moonlight Ceiling Light’s modular design makes it easier and faster for users to install it. Users can adjust the color temperature through the app to create a healthier environment.

Designed by: Xunjue Xu, Jiahui Fan, Song Ba, Zhenghang Xu and Jinhao Hu of Hangzhou PANNELLO Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

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Pure Lumi

The light produced by Pure Lumi resembles the spectrum of the sun. It is also equipped with an air-cleaning function that is constantly monitored by the internal sensor.

Designed by: Hwa-Joo Sun, Jae-Ho Kim of MALTANI Corp. and Sung-Bin Ahn, Mi-Ryung Kim of Shinsung E&G Co., Ltd.

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The SMART MINITRACK lighting system was developed for retail, high-end sales and art settings. The modular components can be adapted according to the needs of the space.

Designed by: Liu Xiao Yun of SELF Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Twinkle: A Flying Lighting Companion for Urban Safety

Twinkles are curious aerial animals that rest on urban light posts during the day charging their solar panels. At night, they light up as pedestrians pass by increasing urban security.

Designed by: Honghao Deng and Jiabao Li of Radical Department

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The Casper Glow

As technology increasingly becomes a huge part of our waking lives, Casper wanted to harness technology in a way that improves, but does not impede, our resting hours. The Casper Glow is a bedtime light designed for better sleep. Light often gets in the way of a good night’s rest. It influences our sleep-wake cycles and even impacts our mood and ability to relax. It is also a primary cue for setting our circadian rhythm. In the middle of the night, exposure to light—particularly blue light, which comes from your phone—is disruptive to sleep. Blue light enhances your alertness and actually suppresses your ability to fall back asleep. While most lights keep us up, Glow’s warm, relaxing light gradually dims over 45 minutes and lulls you to sleep. It cues your body for bed to help you establish healthy sleep patterns and better routines. The light is accompanied by the Casper Glow app for further customization, but is driven by wonderfully intuitive gestures, so you can use it at your sleepiest. 

Designed by: Casper

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