Furniture & Lighting

True Fila

Ture Fila is a vintage LED light series with a flexible filament that combines classic aesthetics and innovative technology to change consumers’ perceptions of energy-saving bulbs. 

Designed by: Qianjun Yan of Hangzhou Hangke Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd.

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Jamison modular sofa

The Jamison modular sofa is a system of four modules packaged individually (armrest, seat, corner, and chaise) that can be combined to make a loveseat, sofa, or couch. 

Designed by:  Jiyun Kim, Jaehwan Won, Keunyoung Kim, and Suan Park of Zinus design department for Zinus

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FunGo is a DIY furniture platform that actively invites users in the creative process by evoking creativity, providing a joyful experience and creative ownership. 

Designed by: Kyungil Chung, Minhong Kim, and Jiyun Kim of Zinus design department

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Free is a sustainable modular sofa system. All components are replaceable and recoverable, and its appearance and size can be adjusted to personal preferences. 

Designed by: Liping Wang, Yuli Zhu, Qingfeng Tang, Nianzhou Hua, and Qiang Fan of Xiamen Solux Home Lifestyle Co., Ltd. for Free

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Fit is an exploration of how the kitchen of the future can help a family maintain a healthy diet by providing customized meal ideas for families personalized to their nutritional needs. 

Designed by: Yue He, Liping Wang, Qingfeng Tang, Nianzhou Hua, and Yuli Zhu of Xiamen Solux Home Lifestyle Co., Ltd. For FIT

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AstroAI mini Fridge

This smart mini fridge was designed for use in cars and homes compatible with AC and DC power. It can switch between hot and cold modes, keeping drinks hot or cold as desired. 

Designed by: Zhuo Chen of AstroAI Industrial Design Center for Maiyi Technology Co., Ltd.

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Albert Chair Program

The Albert Chair, named after the scientist Albert Einstein, reflects both Colombian functional, productive, and economic circumstances and international regulations to access global markets. 

Designed by: Marcelo Alegre of Alegre Design for Kassani Diseño S.A.S.

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Recessed smart spotlight

This recessed spotlight is designed for high-end hotel banquet halls. The light source can rise and fall vertically and rotate 360 degrees, ensuring there are no dark corners. 

Designed by: XueXiang Chen, Rock Zhang, Yaolei Fan, GuangHui Hu, and MingHong Guo for OPPLE Lighting Co., Ltd.

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Connected dining tables are beloved for their simplicity but often lack the versatility to create dynamic, adaptable outdoor settings. This is where Take-Out comes in. Take-Out expands the scope of the connected seat concept, bringing modern refinement, simplified lines, and adaptability to the category. Light enough to be picked up, arranged, and rearranged, Take-Out simplifies the creation of multifunctional outdoor settings, offering a multitude of ways for people to connect through simple and elegant site furnishings—face-to-face or abreast—for an intimate chat or a large group gathering.

Designed by: Rodrigo Torres of Design by Rodrigo Torres Landscape Forms' Design Team

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