Company stacking chairs

Client: Steelcase Wood Furniture

Stacking chairs usually sacrifice style to function, but this stackable wood guest chair combines beauty and functionality at an affordable price. The chair is the most successful in the manufacturer's history.

Contact: Tim Stern,
Steelcase Wood Furniture,

Designers: Steelcase, Inc.

RichMar (Rosie) Rollstand

Big wheels and a small footprint made this mobile sports medicine rollstand responsive and easy to control. Little design attention was paid to this low-end product in the past, resulting in a more industrial look. This stand is so visually friendly it won the nickname Rosie from a nurse who said she was reminded of the Jetson's maid.

Contact: Glenn Polinsky,
Modo Inc.,

Designers: Modo, Inc.

Red Grasshopper

Client: Herman Miller Red

Herman Miller expands its line to include inexpensive, lightweight office furniture that can be shipped by UPS. Geared to start-up businesses in need of a quick solution, the products can be shipped in five days due to ease of manufacturing and online ordering. A soft docking mechanism accommodates growing businesses that need to arrange and rearrange furniture.

Contact: David Ritch,
5D Studio,

Designers: 5D Studio

"Rockstyle" at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

Client: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum

Squeezing the costume artifacts of rock and roll idols into the exhibit space at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was a challenge that required doubling them up in a two-level structure accessed by ramps. Visitors "ramped up" into the show and traveled halfway between the two levels. Costumed mannequins were displayed on planes that tilted, inferring the dynamic quality of rock music. This was a case of cheap chic as the inexpensive materials and construction made it affordable.

Contact: Kurt Koepfle,
Pentagram Design,

Designers: Pentagram Design


An old refrigerator destined for the scrap heap may not seem like a symbol of the future but that's exactly what designers chose to house this video capture kiosk for recording people's stories about the future of technology. A refrigerator, they reasoned, is a comfortable human scale device that people would be more willing to approach and as visitors bend to look inside, that familiar relationship should encourage them to tell their own stories.

Contact: Andy Diaz Hope,
MOTO Development Group,

Designers: MOTO Development Group

Retail Investor Kiosk

Client: Fidelity Investments

Fidelity was able to replace the custom-made interactive kiosks in its investment center sites around the country with one factory produced modular design that cut costs considerably. Modularity was achieved by designing the kiosk with a geometry that can be combined in numerous ways and by accommodating various functions with a universal design platform.

Contact: Robert Luchetti, IDSA,
Robert Luchetti Associates, Inc.,

Designers: Robert Luchetti Associates, Inc.

New Steuben Flagship Store

Client: Steuben

Steuben's new store on Madison Avenue takes its famous merchandise out of the vault and into the light by creating a more open experience where customers congregate around the circular display tables and experience the glass intimately. Flooded with outdoor light, the character of the room changes with each passing cloud. At night a computer-generated light program becomes a dancing rainbow when it is refracted from every piece of glass in the store.

Contact: Cheryl Filsinger,
Ralph Appelbaum Associates,

Designers: Ralph Appelbaum Associates

AIGA Risk/Reward

Client: American Institute of Graphic Arts

Stripes were used in this wayfinding system for the AIGA conference on Risk/Reward to highlight discussions that pertained to each side of the issue. The consistent design gave the promotional pieces as well as all conference materials and environmental graphics a cohesive and easily recognizable theme. Recycled paper was used for the conference materials and promotional pieces were self-mailers, eliminating the use of envelopes.

Contact: Melissa Guzman,
Pentagram Design,

Designers: Pentagram Design

US Courthouse and Federal Building

Client: General Services Administration

This immense consolidation of the courts of the Eastern District of the United States fulfills its mission of expressing both the stateliness of its mission and an openness that lets visitors know the justice system is accessible to all. Clear elegant order is the theme of the 735,000 square foot facility as functions are layered in rows in a linear form with a granite wall running the entire length of the structure. It is also an open, airy building filled with natural light. Both statements are combined in the atrium that provides two stories of assembly space for both orientation and ceremonies.

Contact: Jane Felsen Gertler,
Spector Group,

Designers: Richard Meier & Partners and Spector Group

Kohler Professional Kitchen System

New technologies release kitchens from the rigid triangle configuration of food storage, cooking and cleaning. Kohler enlists these technologies and commercial levels of functionality and performance to deconstruct the triangle and reconfigure it in substations throughout the kitchen and even in other areas in the home.

Contact: David J. Richter-O'Connell,

Designers: Kohler Co.