"Century: 100 Years of Type in Design" Exhibition

Held at the AIGA National Design Center in New York City and organized as a part of AIGA’s centennial year, the 2014 exhibition “Century: 100 Years of Type in Design” was designed to celebrate the incredible diversity of typefaces and their integral role in design in the past 100 years. The exhibition design transformed the gallery into an immersive environment of typography. The walls and ceilings were dotted with hundreds of typographic periods drawn from the monotype library, and a pair of dynamic animations expressed the variations of different typefaces. The design set the stage for the remarkable host of artifacts on display, including rare works from the archives of leading design organizations. Typeface production drawings by leading designers of the last 100 years, type posters and announcement broadsides were supplemented by publications, advertising, ephemera and packaging.

Designed by: Abbott Miller, Jesse Kidwell, Yoon-Young Chai, Andrew Walters and Young Sun Compton of Pentagram for Monotype

Contact: claire.banks@pentagram.com

Kinky Boots

Kinky Boots is a Tony Award-winning Broadway musical based on a 2005 British film. The stage version is directed and choreographed by Jerry Mitchell with music and lyrics by Cyndi Lauper and script by Harvey Fierstein. The story is set primarily in a shoe factory in modern-day Northampton, England, following Charlie Price as he attempts to save his family’s shoe factory with the help of Lola, a vivacious drag queen. The goal for the set design was to create a single physical environment that could transform during the course of the show from the gritty, industrial world of Northampton to the final climatic scene at the International Milan Shoe Fair. The firm created an abstract collage of the Price & Son shoe factory in which light shifts and actor-manipulated set pieces reveal peripheral scenes from pubs and drag clubs to the cutting-edge fashion runways in Milan.

Designed by: David Rockwell, Dick Jaris and TJ Greenway of Rockwell Group for Kinky Boots

Contact: owitte@rockwellgroup.com

Bistro Le Sam

For the renovation of the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac in Old Quebec, a design vocabulary was crafted based on a modern, approachable luxury that references the hotel’s heritage. Bistro Le Sam is a more informal restaurant that lightly draws upon the Château’s unique history as a destination on the Canadian Pacific Railway. A linear approach was used for the floor plan, influenced by vintage train cars. The furniture and finishes recall Art Deco and the Jazz Age. Food is prepared in a brass-clad, open kitchen with a design based on decorative French stoves. The existing veranda is expanded to nearly triple in size to accommodate families and larger groups. The curved bar is comprised of a herringbone patterned, brass tile bar die in a polished and brushed finish with a slate bar top. A custom, curved mixed metal chain chandelier is suspended across the length of the bar. A fireplace surround made from a silver-glazed metallic tile will oxidize over time, creating a modern look that acknowledges the hotel’s heritage.

Designed by: David Rockwell, Greg Keffer, Hrisityan Petrov, Thom Forsyth and Karwai Lim of Rockwell Group for Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

Contact: owitte@rockwellgroup.com

National September 11 Memorial Museum

Located beneath the eight acre, 9/11 Memorial in New York City’s lower Manhattan, the 110,000 square-foot museum is the global focal point for preserving the history of the terrorist attacks and exploring their continuing significance. The museum tells the story through artifacts both monumental and intimate in scale, and through first-person accounts and multimedia displays. It bears solemn witness to the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing by honoring the victims, the survivors and the first responders and gives voice to the experiences of many, shaping individual narratives into a story of global impact.

Designed by: Thinc Design; Local Projects; Hadley Exhibits, Inc.; Layman Design; Design and Production Inc.; Electrosonic; PPI Consulting; Fisher Marantz Stone Layman Design; Renfro Design Group, Inc.; Jaffe Holden; Art Preservation Services; Zubatkin Owner Representation, LLC; Davis Brody Bond, LLP; Snøhetta; Lend Lease; and the National September 11 Memorial Museum

Contact: saram@thincdesign.com

Ambient Experience PET CT Suite (Sparks)

The Ambient Experience PET CT Suite (Sparks) was designed to offer an efficient, technologically advanced imaging environment for staff and patients. As patients prepare for their scan in the ambient uptake room, they can select themes to soothe and relax them before the procedure. A dynamic skylight and LED lighting provide a multisensory experience of projected animations and sound, helping to distract and relax patients.

Designed by  Philips Design Healthcare Team 

Contact: Annemieke Strous - Annemieke.Strous@philips.com


WalkNYC Pedestrian Wayfinding

WalkNYC Pedestrian Wayfinding is a new program of pedestrian maps introduced by the New York City Department of Transportation that makes it easier to navigate the city streets. Placed on a system of dedicated kiosks throughout the city, the maps are designed to encourage people to walk, bike and use public transit and to help guide them to major landmarks and transportation stations. 

Designed by Billings Jackson Design, City ID, Pentagram, RBA Group and T-Kartor of PentaCityGroup for New York City Department of Transportation

Contact: Samuel Coultrip - sam.coultrip@city-id.com


Purina Animal Nutrition Center Exhibit

The Purina Animal Nutrition Center Exhibit—a working research farm—was designed to amplify the Purina brand through a combination of bold Purina red and white information graphics, a checkerboard patent display and glass cases. Visitors can follow their own paths through the space and use an interactive touch-screen farm map to learn about the center’s cutting-edge research.

Designed by  Brian Weatherford, Kay Lee, Kyle Daevel, IDSA, Geoff Burroughs, Dave Dimond, Jennifer Somers, Michelle Hammer, Doug Bergert, Douglas Pierce, Peter Graffunder, Anne Smith, Benjamin Sporer and Laura Kamin-Lyndgaard of Perkins + Will

Contact: JD McKibben - jd.mckibben@perkinswill.com


Top Time Office

TOP TIME OFFICE is located in a quiet area of the prosperous Beijing central business district. The designer retained the original walls and ceiling while integrating bold colored glass and steel plates and bars to create an innovative work space. The separate reception area is pure white with overlong drop lights and suspension ceiling lamps to make a dynamic first impression on guests.

Designed by Bo LI of Cimax Design Engineering (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Contact: Bo Li - libodesign@126.com


Bellox Classic Torch

Client: Bellox Research LLP

Even the most superior stainless steel landscaping torch couldn't justify a $695 price tag, so Bellox went back to the drawing board to retain the quality while lowering the price. The Classic Torch is easy to fuel, simple to adjust with a controllable flame height and safe to extinguish. Since its introduction in November 2000, the $149.99 torch has drawn tremendous response from wholesale and national catalog distributors at several Pool & Spa and Home & Garden trade shows.

Contact: David Noyes,
DFN & B Advertising,

Designers: Parallel Innovation Inc. and Bellox Research LLP

Duette® with UltraGlideTM Operating System for Honeycomb Shades

No matter how high the Duette® UltraGlideTM shade is raised, the cord remains at the same safe distance from the floor, keeping it out of the reach of children and pets and maintaining a clean, uncluttered look. The system only requires one hand, which facilitates talking on the phone or holding a child. Sales are 12 percent over projections and the product has also increased market share by giving dealers and consumers one more reason to choose duette.

Contact: Sarah Fletcher,
Lou Hammond & Associates, Inc.,

Designers: Hunter Douglas Window Fashions Division