Broward Health Adult Infusion Center

Philips Design and Perkins+Will transformed the Broward Health Adult Infusion Center into a world-class patient destination with a unique environment boasting clinical and operational excellence. This design environment improved: patient flow and acuity management; point of care technology; scheduling, registration, triage, ancillary services and treatment; safety through increased observation visibility—among many other things. “I was blown away by the new design,” says Natassia Orr, chief operating officer of Broward Health. “Our patients are going to be infinitely happier with the service.”

Designed by: Philips Design and Perkins+Will for Philips

Contact: Inge Wagemakers

Advanced NICU Hybrid Design

When babies are born prematurely or with complications, they are transferred to a Neo-natal Intesive Care Unit (NICU). Advanced NICU Hybrid Design by Philips is a point-of-care holistic design solution that promotes parental bonding and involvement; protects infant sleep; and reduces stress and negative stimuli to improve neurodevelopmental outcomes and quality of life.

Designed by: Philips Design for Royal Philips

Contact: Inge Wagemakers

Presidential Archives of Sejong

The first Presidential Archives of the Republic of Korea, in the new administrative capital of Sejong City, is composed of a center for researching the archives of past heads of state and an exhibition hall that showcases Korean history. Respecting the contextual relationships between urban and natural environments became important design considerations.

Designed by: SAMOO Architects & Engineers

Contact: SAMOO

adidas Superstar Campaign

A one-year marketing campaign and pop-up store series marks the 45th anniversary of the adidas Superstar sneaker by redefining the brand. For example, the Hall of Fame pop-up store featured a full-fledged street basketball court and lounge area for visitors to socialize while a photo booth and a sneaker cleaning station provided interactive opportunities. 

Designed by: Younjin Jeong, Jinyoung Yoon, Sujung Lee, Donhee Yoon and Minjeong Choi of URBANTAINER Co., Ltd. for adidas Korea

Contact: Alice Y. Yoo

NAVER Hangeul Campaign: Hangeul Signboards

By sharing signboards written in Hangeul (Korean letters) with small stores, NAVER aims to preserve the precious streetscape that is disappearing. Korea's leading portal NAVER offers users an abundance of information written in Hangeul. NAVER's Hangeul Campaign has been held every year since 2008 to promote the importance of Hangeul and to ensure that Hangeul information can be read and written more easily. This special Hangeul signboard project held in 2014, for a second year, gave small business owners a Hangeul signboard designed with NAVER fonts to allow people to experience NAVER's Hangeul Campaign in their everyday lives. To deliver the beauty of Hangeul to more people, NAVER not only gave signboards to selected stores 

Designed by: Marketer Na Eun-bin, Lee Hyo-jung, Bu bo-kyung, Lee Su-ji, Lee Sang-beom - BX Designer Jang Tae-kyung, Kwak Mine, Yang Seung-duck, Kim Il-tae, Yu Bo-ram, Ha Se-Lin, Kim in-yop -ISO Designer Lee Sang-min, Lee Seon-jae, Kim Seung-bock, Choi Yang-jin, Lee Dong-hun, Cheon Min-jung, Jung Jae-eun, Song Cheol-wook, Choi yeong-eun, Kim Jin-su of NAVER Corp.

Contact: iltae.kim@navercorp.com



NAVER Hangeul Campaign: Hangeul Wall

Korea's leading portal NAVER offers users an uncountable amount of information written in Hangeul (Korean letters). However, Internet slang (including newly coined words, abbreviations and misused foreign words) that is created in real time in the online environment, including the Internet and messaging, interferes with the delivery of accurate information and severs communication between generations and groups while degrading the values of the beautiful Hangeul letters. NAVER has continuously promoted the beauty and preciousness of Hangeul with the Hangeul Campaign since 2008. In 2014, NAVER held the Hangeul Wall campaign in order to awaken people to the seriousness of using Internet jargon and promote the importance of using Hangeul correctly.

Designed by: Marketer Lee Su-kyung, Kwon hyo-won, Bu Bo-kyung, Ha Ji-hyun, - BX Designer Jang Tae-kyung, Yang Seung-duck, Kim in-yop -ISO Designer Yoon Mu-yeong, Lee Sang-min, Lee Dam-bi, Jang Dong-hwa, Jung Jae-eun, Song Cheol-Wook, Kim Hee-kyung, Kim Yong-hwan, Kim Yoon-jung of NAVER Corp.

Contact: iltae.kim@navercorp.com

Dolby Cinema

Dolby Cinema integrates inspired design and the latest technology to create a new premium cinema experience where the stories you love come alive before your eyes in ways you never thought possible. It blurs the line between perception and reality, between story and audience. Every element comes together in Dolby Cinema to pull people more deeply into the story and transform their visit into an event. 

Designed by: Vince Voron, and Donald Burlock of Dolby Laboratories, Inc.; and Wilhelm Oehl, Mark Little, Sara Lu and David Herman of Eight Inc.

Contact: lucas.saule@outlook.com


Dolby Cinema

Dolby Cinema—a new, branded, premium cinema offering co-created by Dolby’s in-house team and Eight Inc.—combines powerful new image and sound technologies, including Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, in a design created to revolutionize the cinematic experience. The revolutionary consumer journey of this new cinema experience was developed in order to provide the audience with a period of anticipation and transition before entering the immersive environment of the auditorium. The resulting integration of inspired design and the latest technology blurs the line between perception and reality; between story and audience. Every element comes together in Dolby Cinema to pull viewers more deeply into the story and transform their visit. They will expect a show and leave with a memory.

Designed by: Vince Voron, IDSA, Peter Michaelian, IDSA, and Donald Burlock, Jr. of Dolby Laboratories Inc.; and Wilhelm Oehl, Mark Little, Sara Lu and David Hermann of Eight Inc.

Contact: lucas.saule@dolby.com

Center for Civil and Human Rights

The Center for Civil and Human Rights tells the story and brings to life the American civil rights movement by introducing past and current human rights issues across the globe. The Morehouse College Martin Luther King, Jr. Collection in Atlanta exhibits the personal papers and writings of the legend, who entered Morehouse as a freshman at the age of only 15, and graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in sociology only three years later in 1948.  

Designed by: David Rockwell, Barry Richards, Alin Tocmacov, Matt Grasso and Amanda Zaitchik of Rockwell Group for the Center for Civil and Human Rights

Contact: owitte@rockwellgroup.com

Snoozebox, The Portable Hotel

Snoozebox is the portable hotel that delivers on-site accommodation at events and festivals, letting guests stay close to the action. Rooms measure 3.6m x 2m x 2m and have internal configuration flexibility allowing seven different sleeping arrangements. These range from a double, a double with singles, to a twin or four bunks. Rooms compact by 50 percent for transportation on custom-built trucks. Within 24 hours, up to 100 rooms can be deployed—ready for guests. By day, guests are greeted with a finely upholstered sofa and a desk. At night, the space transforms seamlessly into a bedroom that sleeps up to four. Created through a laser cutting and folding process, the folddown beds are hidden within metal frames integrated into the walls. These are accessed by pull-down handles disguised as shadow lines. The en suite bathroom is designed as a luxury wet room with a flared wall, giving a sense of spaciousness and providing a dry area.

Designed by: Matt Round, Monica Sogn, Ollie Price, Lucas Tretout and Daniel Flashman of tangerine for Snoozebox Holdings

Contact: laurie@tangerine.net