Matrix–Guilin Tangdi Zhihua Sales Center

It's not all business at the Matrix–Guilin Tangdi Zhihua Sales Center thanks to the magic of design. Elements of rivers, mountains and city life are reflected throughout the facility along with highlights of Chinse culture. Visitors experience a fusion of spatial context and furniture, screen and beads, and more in a relaxing and cozy atmosphere. 

Designed by: Liu Jianhui, Wang Guan and Wang Zhao Bao of Shen Zhen Matrix Interior Design Co, Ltd for guilin qicang Properties Ltd

Contact: ccl@matrixdesign.cn

Xinhua Bookstore

How to design a habitat that invites the audience’s soul and spirit to take a rest? The biggest difference is in the expression of the human touch. This lies at the core of Xinhua Bookstore's design: connecting people to books in various scenarios, realizing co-existence and harmony through a low-profile design language and space expression, and transforming the space into an ecosystem.

Designed by: Yi Chen and Muchen Zhang of Beijing Fenghemuchen Space Design for Baoding Guanglian Company

Contact: fenghemuchen@163.com | http://www.fenghemuchen.com

Fountain Frigate Wallfisch and Lielais Square in Ventspils

The design of Lielais Square and the Fountain Frigate Wallfisch—with water jet technology and LED light distribution—creates an attractive and ever-changing image, offers a new identity to a public area, redesigns the city center and creates a high-quality recreational environment for the community. The terrain of the square and the emerging building of the concert hall form a unified structure inspired by seaside nature.

Designed by: David Cook of haascookzemmrich STUDIO2050; Arhitekta J. Pogas of birojs Ltd; LVCT Ltd; Gints Jaunzems; ZALA Landscape Architecture Ltd and apdALPS Ltd. for Ventspils City Municipality

Contact: egija.cakste@gmail.com | www.ventspils.lv


2ToTango is an 8-foot-long polished-aluminum seesaw-like bench that creates observational and social interaction opportunities. Simply behold its beauty, or sit on it and experience cooperative, dominating and/or engaging interactions. 2ToTango is envisioned to be installed in public places, with museum environments being the most likely setting. Its triangular cross section twists 180 degrees. It provides flat surfaces for seating, and the sharp edge in the bottom center of the two middle segments creates a visual fulcrum.

Designed by: Gerard Furbershaw, IDSA, Jeff Smith and Bob Lane of LUNAR

Contact: loriana@lunar.com | www.lunar.com

adidas Originals SNKR Exhibition: No Second Guessing

In the 1990s, the launch of the adidas EQT:EQUIPMENT product line set the coordinates of the brand’s future, captured in the slogan "Everything that is essential. Nothing that is not.” Accompanying the first official EQT launch in Korea, this exhibition celebrates the introduction and communicates its driving philosophy with emotionally and sensually stimulating creative works and media installations.

Designed by: Younjin Jeong, Jinyoung Yoon, Hyunwoo Sa, Minjeong Choi and Jongwon Lee of URBANTAINER for adidas Korea

Contact: alice@urbantainer.com | www.urbantainer.com


BABSANGJIGYO special exhibition, jointly organized by the National Folk Museum of Korea and the National Museum of Ethnology of Japan, commemorates the 50th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between the two countries. This exhibition illuminates the exchange between and the evolution of these two countries in the last century.

Designed by: Miok Choi, Kyung Min Lee, Sohyun Jo and Mihye Kim of National Folk Museum of Korea

Contact: Miok C. Choi


Current, artificial sea defense structures tend to become dislodged over time by the force of the ocean constantly crashing against them, and can destroy natural scenery. Now, randomly distributed TetraPOTs, weighed down by concrete along coastlines, will create trees and roots that eventually will intertwine, forming a natural sea defense against soil erosion and creating a natural habitat and ecosystem.

Designed by: Sheng-Hung Lee, I/IDSA, and Wan Kee Lee of IDEO

Contact: Sheng-Hung Lee, I/IDSA

PlayForm 7

Inspired by landscapes, Playworld's PlayForm 7 unites play and sculpture to provide a strong visual impact. It demonstrates a shift in playground design and leverages public art to reunite communities and get people playing, thinking, talking, sharing ideas and engaging in outdoor spaces in new and meaningful ways. The equipment design encourages movement, improves climbing challenges and invites exploration. Adults and children can climb, hide, balance, traverse or simply relax in the deconstructed spaces. Playform 7 can become a focal point of any park, helping to make an impactful statement in the community.

Designed by: Craig Mellott, IDSA, Gabriela Diego, IDSA, Aida Abolahrar, Greg Scott and Michael Laris of Playworld, Inc.

Contact: Jennifer Leckstrom

London School of Economics, The Women’s Library Collection

The London School of Economics (LSE) is home to The Women’s Library—the oldest and most extensive collection of material on women’s history in Europe. For LSE, Ralph Applebaum Associates created a space to host exhibitions drawing on the Women’s Library and highlighting the school’s tradition and patronage of research, learning and knowledge exchange. The new Library Gallery experience blends media, digitized documents and imagery with real artifacts. Two showcases present compelling objects and documents with interpretation; one of them is set against a spectacular, digitally updateable, media wall with shifting, contextual, digitized documents and photos.

Designed by: Ralph Appelbaum, IDSA, Phillip Tefft, Patrick Swindell, Sarah Pollard and Lai Couto of Ralph Appelbaum Associates, Inc. for London School of Economics

Contact: Casey E. Lynn

Common Ground

Kolon Global Corporation’s Common Ground turns the traditional shopping mall inside out. The new retail and cultural platform is made of 200 modular containers set in Seoul—reducing construction time, costs and CO2 emissions. Most of the vendors represent street brands, which don’t have to pay a huge deposit or rent to set up shop. They pay a commission of the revenue, significantly reducing the pressure that prevents many young businesses from taking off. Common Ground also offers sales and marketing support. The open space with a square terrace and wide areas also accommodates cultural events.

Designed by: Dong Kwon Jang, In Woo Lee, Han Min Chae, Ju Hwan Kim and Sae Min Lee of KOLON LSI; and URBANTAINER Co., Ltd. for Kolon Global Corp.

Contact: Juhwan Kim