SEAt is a public bench system that was designed for Jebudo, an islet off the western coast of Hwaseong, South Korea. SEAts were installed on a 2.3-killometer-long boardwalk along the Jebudo coast. Like many dying islands and remote areas in Korea, Jebudo had been struggling with depopulation, an unstable economy and a decline in tourism. This project was designed to transform the way visitors experience the seascape. SEAt discretely accommodates the different needs of visitors while not consuming the surrounding nature. Visitors can relax, engage and socialize with its seven typologies: standing, sunbed, swing, bar, amphitheater, nest and terrace. Collaborating with the glass walls as a part of the design, visitors can explore Jebudo’s landscape effortlessly, producing an almost seating-on-the-sea sensation. Designed as landscape sculptures for seating, viewing, playing and resting, SEAt entices visitors to pause and embrace the vast drama of the seascape.

Designed by: Soonyup Kwon, Rahui Kwon and Jongvin Lee of SOAP and Dongsun Chang of the SODA Museum for Hawseong City (South Korea)

Contact: museum.soda@gmail.com

Transmission-Field Tandem

This project, the Museum of International Brewmasters Art, located in the center of Beijing, occupies an old Russian-style industrial building. The museum is intended to energize and promote Chinese wine culture. The creation of wine is the fruit of the wisdom of our ancestors and the combination of soil, water, fire, grain and other elements with the time required to brew an exciting wine. The design of the building was inspired by the natural wine-making process, matching the spatial patterns formed by soil, water, fire, and grain to produce functional spaces with different spiritual meanings. The large metal grille wall added to the front of the building embodies the spirit of an old winery reshaped by contemporary design techniques. Sunlight penetrates the grille to illuminate the aged factory building in rear to create more interactive spaces between wine and people.

Designed by: Alfie Shao of CHU-studio for MIBA

Contact: chustudio.compet@gmail.com, www.chu-s.com

TURF Acoustic Ceiling Tile Systems

Attaching to ubiquitous drop-ceiling T-grids, the three-dimensional magnetic TURF Acoustic Ceiling Tiles, made from recycled PET, allows for endless customization. Acoustic levels and noise within modern open spaces and hard-surface environments are a constant distraction that impact productivity and focus. Solutions are limited, very expensive and many times require specialized installation. The TURF Acoustic Ceiling Tile System is an intelligent solution to environmental noise that leverages inspiring aesthetics, customer expression and customization, functional design and engineering, low-cost manufacturing, recycled materials, and magnetic plug-n-play contractor-friendly installation onto drop ceiling grids. TURF’s ability to offer functional performance and transformative aesthetics without compromise while complementing existing construction workflows and budgets sets this product apart in the market. Any trade can install TURF: ceiling contractors, painters, electricians, facilities management—virtually anyone.

Designed by: Scott Wilson, IDSA, Dave Seal, Arvid Roach and Keith Alsberg of Minimal and Jason Gillette of TURF

Contact: scott@mnml.com, www.mnml.com

Jebudo ArtPark

The Jebudo ArtPark is a public art and viewing pavilion that is an effort to kick-start the revitalization of Jebudo, South Korea, by the local community. The Jebudo ArtPark is located in an unused lot in Jebudo, an island fading from the interest of tourists. Six renovated shipping containers are carefully arranged toward the sea in order to create the best viewpoints of Jebudo’s seascape while retaining the spaces between containers for outside events and community gatherings. By exploring the ArtPark’s open structure you will discover the arts inside and breathtaking panoramic views of the landscape outside, blurring the boundaries between the arts and nature.

Designed by: Soonyup Kwon, Rahui Kwon and Jongvin Lee of SOAP for Hawseong City and GyeongGi Cultural Foundation and Gyeonggi Province (South Korea)

Contact: museum.soda@gmail.com

KOSMOS: Ulleung-do Resort

Ulleung-do (Ulleung Island) is one of the most preserved primitive natural environments in South Korea. The project site has a magnificent natural landscape. This project is a small boutique resort consisting of two villas built on Ulleung-do by Kolon Glotech, a subsidiary group of the Kolon Corporation. Villa KOSMOS consists of four suite rooms, banquet facilities, a restaurant, a sauna and an infinity pool. Villa TERRE consists of eight deluxe rooms and a cafeteria. The outdoor space has a garden with a marvelous view of the sunset and the passing of the moon in harmony with the landscape.

Designed by: Chanjoong Kim, Choonglyeol Lee and Jongkil Kim of THE_SYSTEM LAB and the LSI Team of Kolon Global Corp.

Contact: tsl@thesystemlab.com, www.thesystemlab.com

Shenzhen Icarbonx Lecture Hall

The Shenzhen Icarbonx Lecture Hall is located in the Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China, for a biotechnology company. Keeping the beauty and pureness of the original abandoned warehouse, the space was designed to support a variety of functions, including a reception area, bar, discussion room, tea room, stair-shaped meeting hall, lobby lounge, cigar bar, dining room and reading area. The concrete wall and floor keep the design natural and pure, showcasing a quiet, modern sense.

Designed by: Jason Su of HCD Impression for iCarbonX

Contact: info@hcdesign.hk, www.hcd.com.hk

Three Cubes in the Forest

Three Cubes in the Forest are micro-architectures with various characteristics and functions. They can be used as playground equipment for children, public furniture, art objects, meditation rooms, arbors, small rest spaces, waiting rooms and chairs with roofs—whatever your imagination envisions. Because of their size and shape, Three Cubes can be easily transported by a truck and easily installed. Three Cubes offer rich spatial implications that can activate urban spaces.

Designed by: Kotoaki Asano of KOTOAKI ASANO Architect & Associates, Makoto Kosuda of Nishizawa Co., Ltd. and Toyohito Shibamura of Shibamura Structural Engineers

Contact: asano.kotoaki@world.ocn.ne.jp

Samsung Experience Store in Belgium

The first Samsung mobile experience store in Belgium was launched as a communication hub between shoppers and Samsung brand. To forge a strong bond with customers, the store was designed to revolutionize the traditional Samsung Mobile Store and provide a new destination for people to not just buy mobile phones, but to learn about and be inspired by the latest products and technology.

Designed by:  Retail Experience Group for Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd., Retail Experience Team 1, Creative Design Team for Cheil Worldwide Inc., and RX Team for Cheil Worldwide Benelux of Cheil Worldwide

Contact: emma.cho@samsung.com

Let Beauty Factory

Juan Industrial Park in Incheon, South Korea was designated as the first industrial complex in 1964. However, in 50 years, it became the oldest and most deteriorated industrial complex in Korea. Now, Incheon City pursued a project named Let Beauty Factory to transform a stagnant industrial complex into an attractive workplace where young, talented people want to work using design. Let Beauty Factory project is a horizontal policy development project that attracted citizens and industrial workers. The 100-day research project and a 60-day pilot demonstration were launched.

Designed by: Nam-Joo Lee of Incheon Metropolitan city, Yeon-Joo Kang, Yoo-Sun Oh of IBITP Corp, Min-Joo Kim of ANF Design Corp, and Mi-jung Lim of UNIDESIGN Corp.

Contact: apple02@korea.kr | www.idsc.kr

Meteor Cinema

The Meteor Cinema transformed a movie theater in China—where in recent years it has become more common and trendy to go to the cinema—into a static meteor shower. Long rectangular cuboids made of aluminum plates look like wood point from the ceiling to the ground—mimic the motion of a meteor shower. The theater is no longer just a place to enjoy movies but to also immerse oneself in a viewing experience.

Designed by: Ajax Law and Virginia Lung of One Plus Partnership Ltd. for Guangzhou Jinyi Film & Television Media Co., Ltd

Contact: bc@onepluspartnership.com | www.onepluspartnership.com