Washing and Drying Machine NA-VR1000


Mainly intended for the Japanese market, this washer/dryer system features a tilted-drum design that allows children, the elderly and wheelchair users to do laundry more easily. The tilted drum design reduces physical stress when inserting and removing laundry, and the easy-to-understand control panels simplify programming. A blue LED inside the drum illuminates the interior when the door is opened, reducing the likelihood of leaving laundry behind. Energy and water savings have also been improved over previous models.

“A universal design with universal appeal, it expresses a simple and unobtrusive elegance that combines engineering innovation and thoughtful detailing, allowing for ease of operation by a wide range of users.”
--JohnPaul Kusz, IDSA, co-director, Center for Sustainable Enterprise

Contact: Tomomi Masuda
Panasonic Design Company

Credit: Panasonic Design Company (Japan)

Client: Panasonic (Japan)