Wall Mounted Digital Projector (AN110)


Not only is this the world’s first wall-mounted HD projector, its slim, flexible design brings a harmony to its surroundings not found in other devices. Gone are the days of the bulky ceiling-mounted, industrial-like projector. The 3.5-inch-deep AN110 mounts to the wall or sits on a table or floor stand. And professional installation is no longer needed: just three screws simply and securely affix it to the wall. A remote control operates the automatic lens door, ventilator and auto focus and zoom capabilities. Besides its sleek high-tech aesthetic, the interchangeable front panel is available in a range of colors.

“…breaks the paradigm of the home theater projector as a professional appliance in a home environment. A product people needed for their home theaters but wanted to hide has turned into an object of desire.”
--Denis Weil, IDSA, senior director, innovation planning and advanced concepts, McDonald's Corp.

Contact: Olivia Kim
LG Electronics Inc.

Credit: LG Electronics Inc. (Korea)