W5:who what where when why


Client: W5:whowhatwherewhenwhy, Northern Ireland

W5:whowhatwherewhenwhy uses beautiful design elements to bring together the whole space of the exhibit. The display is a unique interactive science learning center as the main anchor for Odyssey, a multi-purpose urban entertainment venue in Belfast, Northern Ireland. W5 has four main sections: START, GO, SEE and DO.

"The W5 exhibit design creates a dynamic exhibit experience that combines science and art in an inspirational and uplifting setting. The individual components of the exhibits are beautifully designed and executed without creating the visual clamor and overwhelming clutter that often accompanies these types of environments. Most importantly, the design succeeds in creating 'an oasis of peace' for a region that has been split by political and religious strife for decades." -Andy Diaz Hope, IDSA

Contact:Lyn Wood, IDSA,
Hands On! Inc.,
(727)824-8988 x21;

Credit: Hands On! Inc. and C.W. Shaw Inc.