Voyage + mini Voyage


Client: Swarovski (Austria)

A collaboration between Swarovski Crystal and Bombay Sapphire for an installation in JFK Airport’s Terminal 4 resulted in the dramatic Voyage sculpture. It features an interactive symphony of 2,000 LED lights and 52,000 Swarovski crystals that respond to the ebb and flow of human movement. In the hustle of an airport, Voyage interacts with harried travelers as they rush past, encouraging them to pause for a moment. A motion sensor triggers the embedded LEDs, which illuminate with the rhythm of passersby. Achieving a completely fluid and emotional form while keeping the structure visually lightweight (it weighs 1.3 tons) and transparent as it supports many large, heavy components was a significant engineering achievement. The reception to Voyage was so overwhelming that the designers created a smaller production run, the mini-Voyage, with 10,000 crystals.

Contact: Mark Elkins

Credit:fuseproject and Nagel Hammers Engineering (Germany)